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Injustice 2 was created and published by the famous gaming company “Warner Bros” and they have made it available to be downloaded freely on any device that is running the Android or IOS software’s.

A New challenge is waiting for you, and if you have played the older version of the Injustice series, then you will definitely enjoy this one as it come with much improved features and advanced techniques as well.

This version is ready to fulfill your love towards the famous DC super heroes and also the villains at the same time, pick up the right hero that you are in love with and get ready to fight together in a team oriented game, you should know that every battle you are entering is going to shape something out of you, so you are the one who has the responsibly and control over his character at the combat, you either become a hero or a villain, a winner or a loser, and to ensure that the victory will be right by your side, use the Injustice 2 Cheats and enjoy them diamonds which could be used to apply certain upgrades and improvements to your fighting squad, For more fun you can watch on Twitch how professional players do play it live gameplay, Also if you are still straggling about this Injustice 2 Hack you can read in Wikipedia much deeply to erase any confusion around.

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Quick Intro.

At first you must know that the game is coming packed up with various details and features but some of them were similar to the older versions and that is in case you have played the older version then you would not find many problems to get adapted to this one GiantCheats.

At first you must know that you need to have an account before playing this game, and that is depending whether you want to play as a guest or use any of your own social media accounts and link it to the game as it will be allowing you to enjoy several features easily, but we will mention them later on here at our review so keep reading it to its end.

Send Invitations Out for Your Friends Out There to Join You.

We spoke previously about the benefits of using your own social media account and linking it to the game, at first you should be knowing that if you have ever decided to send an invitations to your friends so they could join the game it could be simply done through the social media account of yours that you have used to login, and also all of your own progression and game saves will not be only kept on your device, they are actually saved cloudy on the account in other words, you will be able to retrieve them back anytime you want by simply using the same account once more to login on the other device or the same one.

And these were the quick view over the benefits you will be getting for using an account to login to the Injustice 2 Hack and how it will be changing the gaming experience to a much improved version, but do not forget the importance of using the Injustice 2 Cheats to your own performance at the game.

The Hero of Gotham City.

For an example we will be talking in depth about Batman, he is a tech class which means that this hero will be using items and advanced equipment to get his mission done, he is the dark knight of Gotham with a tactical mind, he has been working on improving the critical damage that is coming out of his hits and not only him, actually his entire team will benefit from a critical damage boost as an aura effect, the items that batman is using in the combat could actually stun the enemies, so once they are stunned the armor and defensive equipment they wearing will not work anymore.

So once the enemy is on the stun condition jump right at him with any other hero to finish him off, upgrade batman’s equipment by using the Injustice 2 Hack service and enjoy a powerful and unstoppable hero with simple few steps.

coming up next we will be speaking more in depth about other heroes and the abilities, talents and the star rating overall.

Learn More About the Game by Reading Our Injustice 2 Guide.

We have covered Most of the game basics at the start and what to do exactly before stepping right into the gameplay itself, but now as the time has passed we have realized that you should be learning exactly how to play the game so expect to find everything you looking for about the controls and attacking techniques right here at this part of the Injustice 2 guide.

But at first this will be a quick vision over the game as you have to learn the various features and the usage of each item that is appearing right in front of you at the game battle scene.

At the top sides of the screen there will be two bars and two icons which are related to heroes whom are on the battle field already, the Icon will be representing the villain or the hero identity, and there are two types of bars available, keep on reading for More Information.

Simple UI for Everyone.

The two types of the bars that we have mentioned earlier, the first one that is in silver color is simply indicating your health points, once your health points are way too low you will end up dead and no one will be able to save you from the misery that you have been to, make sure that you are taking down your opponent as fast as possible before the opposite happens to you, use the Injustice 2 cheats as an assistant in such a mission.

the second bar available there is mainly for the stamina and special attacks and this part will be covered later on with more details and information that you need in a separated section so keep on reading and do not forget to upgrade your hero’s skills and abilities by spending diamonds which will be obtained easily through the Injustice 2 cheats.

One more thing we will be speaking about in the upcoming section is the basic controls and how to react in the battle mode.

A very Detailed Tutorial by Our Team.

The tutorial at the beginning is responsible for showing you the starting moves and basics which will get you going and allow you to win your first combat ever without any complications but the more time you will be spending into this game the higher your main skill level will become.

So at first you will be entering a battle against Harley Quinn, and the first move we are learning her eyes the normal attack, single tap on the screen three times to check the boxes at the bottom of the tutorial window and once you perform these normal attacks the time will come to learn new move, If you are a social media addicted feel free to follow them from there Twitter Account.

Swipe to the right direction in order to perform a Rush attack, and this is only good if you were far away from your target so your normal hits wouldn’t reach the opponent, use the rush attack to deal damage and still would decrease the gap between you and him which will allow you to use and perform many other moves, but you should be knowing that you will only learn new moves by using the Injustice 2 cheats.

Get Adapted to The Different Circumstances of the Battle.

We have mentioned previously how to perform attacks and go so offensive at your enemies but that is not the full story since sometimes the battle will start to get much harder and things will get complicated, of course such a thing would never happen if you have used the Injustice 2 cheats but usually things such like that happens around.

Once you feel like you cannot breathe and need a room to escape, swipe to the left direction on the screen and this will evade the incoming attacks and allows you to reconsider your plan and take a breath for the next move, use the diamonds and the help of Injustice 2 cheats so your defense would be high enough against the incoming hits for the villains, and once you do as the we told you, actually you will never be in need to evade incoming attacks or dodge it by any other method.

Crouch to Deal a Sneaky Hit.

And now I guess you have understood the total basics of the game but only one move is missing you must be knowing which is the Jumping move, some hits are coming directly to your legs so in order to avoid these attacks swipe up to jump with the hero, also you can execute some attacking styles while you are in the air but that is something we will get to later on with the advanced techniques and styles, do not forget to use the Injustice 2 cheats to increase your abilities.

Since we have mentioned the jump and attack move we got to express also the crouch attack, it is when your opponent is holding up his hands to protect his upper body then you should consider going to deliver simple and fast attacks on the lower body of the opponent body, remember to crouch to lower levels and deliver your hits, and to ensure that your damage is high enough then the Injustice 2 cheats would be a perfect solution for such a part.

Get New Heroes by Opening New Chests.

Simply you are ready now to enter your first fight and prove yourself among the top tier players out there, but first you must learn the last technique which is the defending, sometimes you will get closed on at the corner and the hits will arrive at you from every side so consider holding the block button to stop your character from receiving any more damage and defend for a while, you can find this blocking button located at the bottom right corner of the screen, also use the Injustice 2 cheats to increase your defense attributes and items.

And now our first destination will be the store, as you are having the ability of unlocking new heroes and getting things done over there, but do not ever get any closer to the store without having the Injustice 2 cheats by your side in such a terrific place, and you will be purchasing hero chests and you will never know which hero is waiting for you to come out of these chests.

Always Aim for The Rarest Chest and Follow Our Injustice 2 Tips.

Once you open up the chest there will be a small animation and the character will finally come out of the chests, when you are using the Injustice 2 cheats, there will be no limits on how much you will be spending or anything similar so feel free to purchase the rarest type of chests as the more expensive and higher in rarity level will result in receiving much stronger hero in return, extra Injustice 2 tips can be found here.

And now once you are done with the selection of the heroes that you have got and ready to battle once more, you can find tons of available modes to play in but right now we will be going through the most basic campaign mode to learn the tutorials and increase our playing skills overall added to the help that we are receiving from the Injustice 2 cheats, knowing that each battle will have possible rewards for winning it so work hard now!

Choose A Suitable Difficultly Level.

The difficulty level is playing a major factor in deciding how big the reward will be, but at the starting missions you will get to play only in the normal mode since the second difficulty which is the heroic is locked and you have to complete a certain number of missions until you get an access to this mode, get the help you need from the Injustice 2 hack to unlock the rest of the game features.

Before your first mission starts, you can find certain functions which are adjustable and waiting for your permission to get it sorted out so let’s move slowly in this part because the tactics before the battle are playing a big role in deciding which player will end up as a winner.

On the both sides you can see the team members of yours and ales you can modify it by adding or removing certain hero from the three-member team, on the other side there will be the opponents team waiting for you to start, increase and improve your team member’s powers with the Injustice 2 hack.

Customize Your Team Carefully Before the Battle Begins.

At the top of the pre battle menu there will be two numbers and each one is representing the team power and ability to win the combat, mostly they will be even due to the great matchmaking system and how they have managed to get the battles balanced as much as possible, but with the power you will be receiving from the Injustice 2 cheats, you will be actually having a very high number that will never get matched out on the scene.

so add the heroes and make sure that your team is consisted of three members before you proceeded right into the combat, you can also upgrade the heroes of yours and that would be very surprising because your opponent wasn’t prepared for such incoming upgrades or sudden changes to your line up, but once you are done and ready to enter the battle tap on the close button and jump to the arena.

Make Sure You Have Enough Energy Points for The Combats or Use the Injustice 2 Hack as A Solution.

Fighting and battling overall in this game is not coming at a free cost, actually everything and every move you are performing will cost you energy points, keep an eye over these energy points because once they are over you will have only two options left, either to wait until they are regenerated once again and this could be taking few hours and you will not be able to play the game at any other way.

The second option is purchasing extra energy fillers by using the Injustice 2 hack and as your energy is relied once more, prepare yourself for something amazing and keep playing your favorite game none stop without having to worry about anything else, on the next segment we will be covering the upgrades with more details so you as a new player, you should be knowing exactly which department your money should be spent to and actually understand the highest priority of the following upgrades at your hero section menu.

Complete Your Hero Set Gear for Bonus Defensive Points.

Each hero has the gear set that is consisting of 5 different items, and the more items you are collecting and having for the hero with the same set, there will be an increased set bonus waiting for you to be added and improve the defense and quality overall in the hero, use the Injustice 2 hack to make sure that your power has no limits.

And now we will be moving to the next hero we got here which is the Wonder Woman, her playing style is simply based around combining too types of playing, she is more like a balanced hero as she can defend perfectly and stillperform attacking techniques and combos, but as any other hero she has the special effect that will help you to raise the entire attacking power of your own team and will also get this special power up that only gets to work against the male heroes only, but with the Injustice 2 hack you will actually turn this girl into a beast.

This Wonder Woman Can Do Wonders If Treated Properly!

Wonder Woman can do something that no one else does which is reflecting the incoming damage back to the attackers, so anyone facing this scary hero you must be worried about such a scary shield that she owns, and especially if she is getting help from the Injustice 2 hack.

Each hero has level indicator and higher your hero level is the more abilities and features will be unlocked for it, try to win as many battles as possible with this hero and gain experience points which will help you out with this task easily, also consider using the Injustice 2 hack to ensure that you are winning each battle, the lost ones will grant you a very low number of experience points which will not be enough for any upgrade or advancement.

The hero has a start rating, each start will mean an increase of power or ability, there are thirty stars available to be collected and obtained for each hero at the game so far.

Harley Quinn Pros and Cons.

Last But not least hero we will be previewing here is the Harley Quinn, she is psychopath villain, whom is very cheerful and brings happiness and joy to her team mates members, which will result in a huge increase of the attack power of each member, and also one of her special skills and abilities is that she can use the cupcake bomb that will detonate with random effect, we couldn’t actually figure out what are these effects but they will do harm to the enemies on different scales do you should not be worried at all about such a thing, get the Injustice 2 hack for this scary character and watch her turn totally into different monster.

At the combat, you can activate the special skills of her by tapping on them at the right bottom corner of the screen, and they will only become ready to be executed once a certain conditions met, improve the skills powers by putting your hands over the Injustice 2 hack.

Keep Your Stamina Bar Up to be Able to Execute Your Special Skills.

Last thing we got to speak about in the combat system is the stamina bar and it is located right below the heath points bar, once it is regenerated you will have the ability to cast spells and moves on your enemy and without it, your special attacking skills are useless and cannot be activated, refill this bar easily by sinner boosters through the Injustice 2 hack ability.

And how to win a battle? your enemy has three members in his team as well and you must be killing all of them and each one has his own full health bar so he will keep changing in between them and try to combo out various attacking skills, you should be doing the same as well but you will never win the battle unless you kill the three heroes, get the power you need to eliminate these three heroes by obtaining the Injustice 2 hack.

Complete Achievements and Daily Quests for Awesome Rewards.

and to make the game much more interesting they have added the daily quests system it will keep on getting updated once you connect the device to the internet service to get the latest ones, each quest you will be completing there will be awesome rewards such as free coins or energy boosters, also check out for achievement section as you can be tracking them out and once you complete one visit this action and claim out your reward do not let it go to waste.

Final Conclusion About the Game.

The final conclusion about the game, it is a perfect choice for any whom is a fan of the famous comic books of DC company and they are looking for playing with their favorite heroes or villains in an interesting game that delivers the exact experience they have been looking for, make sure that your device is fully charged because this is a heavy game that would be consuming a lot of your battery capacity, one last word is you should be adding the Injustice 2 hack to your plans before starting to play there as it will cover up all your upgrading expenses and allow you to get super heroes easily.

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