The world is changing and the world leaders are taking their precautions by deploying the elite squads and training new troops for the incoming Armageddon, but here comes your role at this point, it is either you succeeded at bringing peace back to the world and restore the balance or make it even worse by starting the global war between the world leaders that shall never leave anyone have a breath left!

Start collecting gold coins to improve your powers and upgrade your current gears to the highest technology available at the moment, you can also use the Afterpulse cheats as it should be providing your account balance with all the amounts of gold it asks for without any restrictions or charges applied.

The game was created and published into the stores by “GAMEVIL USA INC” and you can download it right way either on your Android or IOS devices for free.

Game Controls.

And now let’s get to the controls department, they are nothing special just the ordinary FPS games controlling mechanism, you can find the directional pad located at the left side of the screen, and on the other hand the firing button, so move, aim and shot!

Tap and swipe the screen in all directions to look around and explore new places and items that can come in handy for you, keep reading the article as you might find Afterpulse tips that could help you.

Tap and hold up on the direction pad to run forward.

Know Where Exactly You Are Putting Your Money into.

Understanding which weapon that is the strongest in the game has the advantage over many others is our mission here in the Afterpulse guide to make it clear for you and let you spend the money on the right weapon!

Keep in mind that the veteran series weapons in the game are one of the fines tin the game thanks to their build materials and fire mechanisms quality, you can get these in the veteran and promotion weapons crates, or you can also put your hands over the Afterpulse cheats and all the weapons will be simply under your control to either purchase or sell or even destroy if you want.

Follow These Combat Tips to Survive.

And now let’s jump right into the combat scenes and how to react there, once you see an enemy target start taking cover and use your weapon wisely as you are aiming at the head of the targets because it is the weakest point of their bodies it would only take you like one shot in the head to put them down on the ground.

Also once you are running out of ammo or you need to reload but do not have time because the enemy is closing in, swipe the reload button to swipe to your secondary weapon immediately, do not waste time on anything.

Unlock All the Weapons in The Game by Using Afterpulse Hack for Free!

Increasing your experience points shall be one of the highest priority targets in the game so far, as you the higher your level is the more features and weapons will become available for you to put your hands on, but of course you will not be able to afford such a thing that is why the Afterpulse hack is waiting for you right here to provide you with the necessary amount of gold coins, start obtaining the most powerful weapons in the game at your first early stages.

A New Multiplayer Experience Like Never Before!

The multiplayer experience is something extraordinary! You shall not find many games have the same smart servers hosting the matches going at the game and providing almost zero lag, but note that in order to unlock the multiplayer mode you must be at least level 7 but once you reach this level and enter the multiplayer battles you will be getting much higher experience points and your level will boost up much faster.


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