Want to have a cute little pet at your house? What about a little cute dragon? With AR dragon by playside you can now have a little cute dragon as a pet by opening your camera and adjust it by the room dimensions, and you will see the dragon on your room floor looking at you and waiting you to take care of him, the game is available on both android and IOS devices, so let’s talk about AR dragon and how to take care of this little cute dragon, and how AR dragon hack will help you in this.

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Cute Design.

The game is designed as an interaction game between the game and the camera, so at first before playing you have to adjust the camera on your room setting and when you just finish that you will find the dragon in front of you waiting for you to take care of him, and every day you will find that your dragon is growing to be bigger, and to make him bigger you have to feed him, and playside games has designed the game to make it look like you have a real pet, so it’s a huge fun by the design and the dragon effects when he eats or plays.

They are Different.

All the dragons are different that you will never find two dragons with the same look or the same effects and that adds fun for the game that every player has different dragon so you and your friends play the game and look who will get the cutest one, and also every dragon gets bigger to have different shape with different and rare items to collet for him, so you can just use AR dragon cheats and get all the rare items for free with no external purchases.



Real Care.

As you have the dragon you have to take care of him and feed him, and as you do this you will find that your dragon is getting bigger and stronger very day like If he was a real one, also you have to play with him with his toys which are located in the items tab to make sure that the dragon is happy, and the happier the dragon is, the faster he will grow, and as you play with the dragon or feed him you will get gems to buy items and costumes for the dragon, so you have to make him happy to get him what he wants, and if you made him sad you have to play with him and fed him more to make him happy again and get those gems again, or you can just use AR dragon cheats and get all the items and costumes for free, even you can get the rare items for him and make him forever happy.

Work for It.

In the game there’s about 20 fancy hats and skins to dress your dragon but some of them are not free, so you have to play with your dragon to get it for him, also there’s some special hats and toys to use and make him happier and every toy gives different happiness and different gems as a reward, so the more you have fun and work for your dragon, the more gems you will have as a reward, or you can use AR dragon Hack and get all the items, skins and toys for free and with no cost.

Dragon Hack.

You can use AR dragon hack and get all the gems you need for playing with the dragon an also make all the purchases in the game for free with no external cost, also it will get all the hats and toys for free with no cost of gems or money to get them.

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