Art of War Red Tides is a game that is about to start a revolution in the cross platform system. The developers are planning to get everyone connected into the same battlefield, no matter what device is everyone using, still the battleground is the common place between them. And they could not find any better idea than this game, as you will be surprised of how strong the game is based on the teamwork inside. No matter how skilled you are, if you are lacking the teamwork skills, then the results would be a complete disaster. Getting the Art of War Red Tides cheats could be considered as the highest priority target in these types of games. The challenges are very hard and your skill level will play a vital role in there as well.

Art of War Red Tides was created and published by “Ot Hero Entrainment Co., LTD” company and it is available to be download now on any Android or IOS platform.

Beginner’s Instructions.

We have to remind our readers of Art of War Red Tides guide, that the game is coming packed up with very high graphics, so if you are using any medico device or not even a high end one. Then we are advising you against getting the game and wasting your time at the end.

Also one more thing to put into consideration is the internet connection. This is an online game, so having a stable and active connection is something unquestionable. Make sure you are having them before stepping inside in order to improve the gaming quality for you and other players at the same time.

Time Has Come to Write Your Name Among the Legends.

Start the game by entering your name commander. So other players would be able to recognize your form this name, make it short and simple as possible to be easily recognizable. No swearing words are allowed and also no special characters. Find more important Art of War Red Tides tips about the starting scenes over here.

It takes few seconds between the loading menus, do not rush or panic as this is totally normal due to the crowded servers.



Your First Lesson.

Drawing fire shall become your first lesson in here. Click the plus sign on the bottom side of the screen to summon new unit. The regular flamethrower inflicts higher damage on biological units. So by reading this line I guess you are aware of what type this game is.

It is these games which are taking care of each small detail. Which means you cannot enjoy playing it if you were reckless or not 100% interested. And as a good start move to get through this tutorial faster, use Art of War Red Tides cheats and become strong instantly, without the need to wait.

Take The Complete Control of the Battles.

The control panel of your army could be found located on the bottom side of the screen, each unit will be illustrated with a card, this card will usually contain the details of the unit. The starting troops would be very weak and it will take you time and effort to progress further on and get new stronger units into your army.

Speaking about the cost of upgrading the army, the Art of War Red Tides hack name will automatically pop up. get it and finish out the problem of covering the expenses.

Final Words.

The game mechanism is very simple. Will be picking up a race between tons of races available inside, and of course we do not have to mention that each race is coming with its own specific abilities and skills. And after you are done with selecting the race, the time will come now to pick up 10 units from this race to join you up in the battles.

By reaching this point so far, we are pretty sure that you have learnt the game basics and ready to improve for higher levels, especially when something such as Art of War Red Tides hack is available around the corner.

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