The long awaited Japanese game has finally arrived in its English version and you can now access all of its features. There are some extra languages available as well, not only the English. The game has been on the top of the recommendation list in several countries due to its high value.

It is following the path of the most classical RPG out there and you can enrich the experience even more with the AURA KINGDOM cheats. Learn more about this regard down below.

AURA KINGDOM was created and published by “X-Legend Entertainment Co., Ltd” company and it is available to be downloaded and played through Android and IOS platforms.

The entire population of the game was destined to fight the dark powers together and protect the world you are living on. This will take you together into a path of success and glorious. The AURA KINGDOM hack will help you with accomplishing the tasks of defeating the boss at the end.

Quick Intro.

Let us skip all the unnecessary introductions at our AURA KINGDOMguide, head directly through the gameplay contents, and try to be specific on the major parts of the gameplay. We could not find anything better than a quick look over the available classes and their main pros and cons.

As a new player, you must be frustrated with the tons of classes and cannot decide which one would suit your style of play yet. That is why the following segment will contain all the information you need about each class.

Choose Form 8 Vast Classes!

There are eight different classes and we will speak briefly about them with some extra AURA KINGDOM tips to consider.

Guardian: a defensive class that will provide some high physical defense and magical but average damage. The raised shield is where all damage stops. The invulnerable fortress for command, power and counter attacks.

Duelist: the dance of the whirling blades causes instant destruction. Every spinning step takes away the color of life.

Ravager: separating life and death with blows of fury. A great axe searching the limits of strength and delivering deaths with single blow.



The Remaining Classes.

Wizard: Elemental powers that rip through the air split the earth burn the field and freeze all life. Very high magical damage but still low on defense and support parts.

Gunslinger: there is no escaping the hunt. Accurate shots, deadly traps, attacks that come from everywhere. Almost balanced in every part.

Grenadier: Operate the cannon and play the match of victory. Use magical shells and build all kind of support towers for the party members.

Sorcerer: all-time favorite class for the players. The pages are both a curse and redemption. Mastery over the runes of weakening and destruction.

Harp: the music can bring salvation or carnage. Through the devotion of music, the holy light can heal the sick and judge the guilty.

Customize Your Character Freely.

Now, by reaching this point you are ready to go on your own, experience the new boundaries, and see the reality of the game by yourself. Just use the AURA KINGDOM cheats to afford purchasing whatever is necessary to keep you alive and strong.

Customization are taking a huge part of the character creation phase. You are simply taking control over the details of your character for example…hairstyle, hair color, and even the eye color as well.

Controls and Gameplay.

The force of Eidolon will be with you, always. Gain experience points and buff from Eildon’s blessing in Nivea. In addition, each day will have its own unique boss waiting for you. You may only challenge sky tower when you are in a guild. Join a guild as soon as you reach the required level.

It will take you a while in order to get used to the controls of the game, they are not that complicated but still worth your shot. In addition, with the AURA KINGDOM hack, you will have the enough power to survive the testing phase.

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