A very strategic game that will require from you to bring up your mind into the battlefield and start placing plans out of the box to overcome your opponents.

You will be mainly working with bombs and you have to become a powerful leader to take your soldiers and units into the winning stage once more and raise up the victorious flag once more. And we can support you with the Battle Boom cheats. If you are wondering whether it is safe or not, then we can guarantee you that it is 100% safe and free as it will be sending up all the generated resources back to your account in a gift form.

Battle Boom was created and published by “FourThirtyThree Inc” company and it is available to be downloaded and played almost on any Android or IOS platform available out there.

We have enjoyed the graphics quality and we do believe that it can be upgraded to be one of the best out there in this category. But still you will be able to run it on your device even if you are not using a high-end device, it will be running. Learn more about the gameplay down below.

Main introduction.

A very small cinematic video that is showing a huge tank chasing out a small rabbit and brining chaos to everything. But somehow the rabbit is a very advanced one and has taken out an entire tank on his own with the TNTS on his back.

The battle at the starting phase will be showing you the type of combats the game is packing and nothing unique or detailed is shown more than that. So, you can read the following Battle Boom guide if you are looking for much more detailed reports.

In App Purchases Supported.

Battle Boom is a free game, but you can enjoy it better through the in-game purchase. And this system can be disabled completely from the main settings as it will keep your device and credit card safe from any outside if your kids were using the device.

We can remind you with the Battle Boom cheats and how it will be replacing all the items you can purchasing in the store of the game.



Two Login Options Available.

Choose a login option from the two available ones. The first one is the Gmail and the second is the Facebook and both will be doing the same job in terms of keeping all your files safe and stored in the cloud servers.

We do prefer the Facebook login option if you have it because it will enable the leading board system and put you always in a comparison with your friends all over the world, which enhances the heat of the combat by miles. Following our Battle Boom tips will also grant you a successful journey clear of troubles and mistakes.

Greetings Commander.

Greetings, this is Adjutant Sunny. She is going to become your main assistant in the starting scenes as she is asking you now for the first move which is entering a name for your character. Make sure that the name is short as possible and has no special characters.

The enemies will be in the sight and you must use Battle Boom hack to have a fully loaded gun to engage with them. And that is one a very important move you have to take.


The counter on the top side of the screen will be showing you the encounter numbers. But now let’s skip all of these unnecessary parts of the UI and focus mainly on the gameplay and the main method to achieve a victory.

You can win the battle as soon as you destroy the combat post of the enemy. It will be regularly located on the far-right side of the screen and it will be harder later on the different stages at the game to achieve an easy win without the Battle Boom hack help.

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