Lead your star army through one of the most promising sci-fi games. The game has been awaited for way too long and it is right here at our hands. We can finally enjoy all of its qualities. The skill motion levels are pretty much high on ever prospect and we have been enjoying all of its features, we have decided to bring the Battle Team cheats into the challenge.

Battle Team was created and published by “VISUAL CUBE” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on the Android and IOS platforms.

Very decent graphics level that will surprise you due to the game file size on the device. You are not going to need way too much of space to enjoy the qualities of the game. In addition, moving now to the next side of the game, where you will be in need to get Battle Team hack into service.

Quick Intro.

The game will begin right away without any unnecessary introductions, and it is going to become our main role to explain the gameplay components at this Battle Team guide.

Remember that it is a turn based game, so you must be taking the advantage of your turn as much as possible because the enemy will strike back you with something you cannot predict or block.

Your heroes will always be at the steady state and waiting for your orders to execute on the battlefield. It is going to become your role to find the right combination of skills to use on the enemy.


The opening scenes of the game will be going mostly around the big boss fight that has tons of health points, but this fight is only a preview of the combat system and it will not be affecting your game path and success direction by any means.

Lead your troops on the field and do not expect to change the ending of the battle. It has been already destined and your contribution to it is very limited by various reasons. Keeping the Battle Team tips we are creating here in your mind will only improve your success chances.

Follow The Instructions Carefully.

If you get confused, follow the mission if is a shortcut to becoming an express commander. Do you want to proceed to how to compete in campaigns, combat tutorial? If you actually willing to learn more, then press on confirm button, otherwise feel free to cancel this opportunity anytime.

Claim your daily reward, and by reaching the day 7, there will be a very big prize waiting for you ahead. So even if you weren’t playing the game, it would be cool to receive the daily rewards constantly.



Raise An Army!

The troops have not yet been properly selected new soldiers, most troops were wiped out during the last mission, Necroman went missing and you were the only one survived!

Still, there you regain your powers from the scratch and fight your way up to the top by using the Battle Team cheats, and that is a very reliable way to prove yourself worthy.

It will help you to have an army that is simply unstoppable, or not easily stopped through the regular obstacles and challenges. look behind no more and always focus on your target from now on, that is how you should be playing the game.

Very Smart UI.

Stage displays the name of the current stage. Wave is displayed in the current wave/ total wave order. Nova displays relationship information. For example, solar property nova Win property is more powerful for nova. When you are defeated in battle, take advantage of this factor and try again. You might have the chance to comeback!

On you right hand side, you can see the information about the turn order. The icon at the bottom of the display is Nova, which received the current turn. Do not forget the information below indicates that the order is faster. In addition, you may get the best out of your turn via Battle Team hack.

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