Clawberta was created and published by “HyperBeard” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on the Android and IOS platforms.

Prepare yourself to dive into the Neon fevered dream world of Clawberta. As you will be using the machine to catch your dreams.

The one great feature about this game is the built in stories. Each toy you will be successfully catching will start to tell you a beautiful story. Gather all the toys around to complete the full story of the game.

If you have any suggestions to improve the game, do not hesitate to contact the support team. In addition, for extra diamonds, use the Clawberta cheats!

Get Started

As you are reading this Clawberta review now, then you should understand that we will be covering the main features of the game and we will speak about the most common issues that the other players tend to face.

The game is offline and that is a very great feature in the game. You do not have to get an internet connection in order to play it, and everything is so smooth and simple.

You may follow the starting tutorial if you are completely new to such games, but we are not expecting you to need this tutorial as long as you are reading this article to its end.

  • We would like to remind our readers with the importance of Clawberta hack, you may not realize how strong it will affect your gameplay, but now you had better use it.

Here is a quick glimpse about the tutorial. You will be introduced to the first part of the game. Use the stick to drop down the hook and pick up any toy from tons of toys down there. The yellow circles will reward you with random amount of gold coins; you can get coins as well from the Clawberta cheats.



Brag About Your Success On Social Media With A Single Tap

The background of the game is interesting. The colors and animated buildings will keep on changing their formation and the spotlights will add vibrancy to the gameplay.

The main character in the game is called gapachon. You will be only given three slots to put the caught toys in. at the start you will be given only 1 slot and the remaining 2 slots will remain locked at the starting stages.

The Clawberta hack will help with unlocking the remaining 2 slots. One more thing you will be in need to the Clawberta hack is the waiting period to unlock the toy.

  • Each toy will consume a certain amount of time in order to get it opened and hear the story. If the Gachapon shakes three times before you open it, then you should know that you are good to go.
  • You can always share the Gachapon to your social media and let your friends know about your latest achievement you have done.

Open The Gachapon Instantly With Clawberta Cheats!

If you ever were wondering about how to get extra gems, then you can follow these three methods.

The first one is to pick up gems using the Clawberta machine. Second method is to enter the in app store and purchase gems with real money. The third method is to put your hands on Clawberta hack.

  • The gems will help you to progress much faster in the game. You can know the full story behind each Gachapon in no time.

Always check on the top left corner to know exactly your given missions. The missions will reward you well at the end of the day.

The missions list will make the gameplay a lot more interesting as it will always put a challenge for you to complete.

You can notice that some flying ads. Watching these ads will reward you with extra coins and it could give you gems as well. However, it depends on the reward. Do not try to catch it up. All you need is internet connection and be quick to tap on the ad.

After picking up all the contents in the machine, you will end up with empty machine. Therefore, you will have two options now.

  • Wait for the machine reset time
  • Use the Clawberta cheats and reset the machine instantly



Interesting Tasks To Be Added Every 24 hours

If you want to know exactly where you are standing at the game. Tap on the collection button to know exactly the number of toys you have picked already and the remaining ones in the world.

Some toys will take longer than others to become available that is when you should start spending your coins to save your time if you are only eligible o play the game for a certain period. Otherwise, the Clawberta hack will cover up all your spending, so you can say good-bye to the waiting periods.

Moving now to the clawberta customization section. You can customize the main character by entering the shop. You will see tons of hats and other stuff to be equipped. Select the one you prefer and know what you need to do in order to unlock the best ones.

Some hats will be only available in the daily checklist at random time, but that will require from you to keep playing the day every day and see if the hat was added to the list or not.

That is when you will realize the importance of Clawberta hack again. It will unlock all the hats for you in no time.

Extremely Friendly UI

The developers of the game have added another world to the game. So once you are done with Non Nights, you shall move to museum of oddities to experience new challenges and toys with completely new stories.

  • You will not be able to move to the new world unless you find all the toys on neon world.

In addition, by reaching this point of the review, then we should mention the game settings menu and help our players to find the right formula to play the game smoothly.

The first feature we have found interesting is the notification toggle. You may turn the notification on or off depending on your preference. We are only advising the hardcore gamers to keep it on, as it could be bothering to receive any notification about the game on your daily basis.

  • You may choose between three available filters. Each one will suit a certain period of the day and it will affect your eye.
  • The game is coming in 10 different global languages. The chances to find a language you speak is very high.

The Clawberta cheats will not conflict with your google play sign in policy of the game. The gems and coins will remain there in your account no matter what.

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