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Prepare, cook, hack, and flame broil your approach to overall 🍴 eatery 🍴 acclaim! The eatery world anticipates a hot new gourmet expert in this addictively fun time-administration kitchen amusement.

Be a best culinary expert and do everything in a cooking fever. Preparing doughnuts, cooking top notch burgers, and scooping frozen yogurt isn’t sufficient; glad clients are expected to construct your eatery domain. It is safe to say that you are up for the test, Chef?

Play Cooking Craze Anytime, Anywhere

• Download eatery substance and begin cooking!

• Play diversion on the web or disconnected after starting substance download

• ⭐ Wi-fi not required! ⭐

Play a Fast and Fun Restaurant Game!

• 💰 Dash through administration to win enormous tips 💰

• Serve clients breakfast, lunch, supper, and that’s just the beginning!

• Bake, flame broil, and plate nourishment by utilizing a straightforward TAP and PLAY repairman



Test Your Restaurant Kitchen Skills!

• Cooking methods extend with new eateries

• Earn positive remark cards with key serving of clients

• Create delectable dishes and 🍩 delicious treats 🍩

Delicious Food and Kitchen Upgrades

• Delicious fixings can be redesigned for premium dishes

• Over 100 fixings to whip into delicious cooking

• Manage time effectively with kitchen redesigns

Fun and Powerful Cooking Boosts

• Time-administration with phenomenal lifts

• Cook Green with the Eco Boost and go natural for more tips

• 🍳 Make formulas consume evidence with unique container 🍳

Fun Levels to Master, Chef!

• 🏁 Dash through more than 400 levels on three landmasses 🏁

• New levels included frequently

• Savor hours of energizing time-administration fun

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