Worldwide Open CrazyDragon!

★ The best sentiment of imagination, Dragon! Insane Dragon(Dragón loco, Dragão louco) begins to thunder.

– You can fight with the last weapons of RPG in Crazy Dragon.

– Summon characters from the Crazy Dragon world. Build up your Heroes’ aptitudes and level up, and take them higher than ever. This is your enterprise a Crazy Dragon that resembles nothing you’ve seen some time recently!

– Experience serious constant battle as you hack, cut, and impact your way through a tremendous dreamland!

– Party with companions to strike Dungeons or conflict against opponents in the Arena and expansive scale attack war.

– This application is allowed to download and offers some discretionary in-application buys.

★ Hero character changes its appearance and capacity relies on upon the hardware!!

– Hero character is comprised by warrior, performer and professional killer, the character changes its appearance and capacity with 9 sections things.

– Hundreds of Items and Equipment gives unrivaled character customization.

– You can include more grounded alternatives with a set thing.

– CUSTOMIZE your character to suit your play style!

– Highly nitty gritty characters and liquid livelinesss keep the battle quick and angry

# My own particular solid group; is comprised by hundreds sorts of unique employed mercenariess, ready to be mounted, summoned, substituted!

– The legend character can sort out a group with 2 enlisted mercenariess; circumvent the front line and performing procedure.

– hired soldiers possesses the select aptitude just for him and higher evaluations can get more elite abilities.

– Summon legend hired soldiers as accomplice and have them help you in fight

– You can fight more grounded on leading group of mythical serpent of legend.

# Support super-quick leveling amongst legend and employed soldiers of fortune!

– Leveling the enlisted hired soldiers by Hero and leveling the Hero by Hired mercenariess.

– You can make an attack corps with 4 groups, 12 characters.

# The most capable weapon for the triumphant! Expertise combo and combo activities!

– Make your aptitudes all the more intense by ability and activity combos with many dynamic abilities.

– Strategy play by aptitude combo, combo summon and ability charge control.

# Strategic joint effort plays with different fight modes!

– Fight against your opponents around the globe. Your high score and positioning will decide your prizes things that can expand your Heroes’ capacities.

– You will never get exhausted because of the different fights; attack war, 1:1 Hero war, 3:3 Group war, Boss strike, society war, boundless cultivating prison et cetera.

# Many modes let you play over and over

– There are numerous different modes where you can fortify your organization, go up against different players, and that’s just the beginning.

– Free and auspicious updates will keep on adding new Hero characters, hired fighters, content, and different amazements to keep you immersed of extra gameplay.

# Start of the experience, get together at the town!

– The town is opened for all players; you can get together with different players, society individuals. Additionally you can finish the elite missions.

1. Vital strategic activity RPG with four legends and 300 sorts of hired soldiers

2. Make your gathering with more than 20 sorts of saint abilities and hired soldiers aptitudes

3. Bolsters different PVP fight mode including fight, group fight, legends fight, attack war, and society fight

4. The bleeding fight between securing bunch and attacking gathering. Cutting edge portable activity RPG amusement

5. Primary Contents

6. Childhood your own particular legend comprising of warrior, wizard, professional killer, bowman

7. Fabulous fight with 20 legends abilities

8. More than 300 different hired soldiers

9. More than 200 distinct war zones

10. Ongoing Action, Real-time Raid

11. Different Ranking System (Battle, Team Battle, Heroes Battle, Siege War, Guild Battle)

12. Different occasion cell each and every day

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