Yes, we can call this an RPG, but it has nothing in common with any RPG out there or we have ever seen lately. It is more like an aim and shoot game but it is following a very interesting path at the same time. And it would get much better once you use the Crusader Attack cheats and get them rubies flooding tin your game account.

Crusader Attack was created and published by “Saladbowl Creative” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms easily.

Starter’s Instructions.

You might face some difficulties at the beginning of the game, it might take few minutes until it is solved. Just make sure you are giving the game the necessary permissions and do not leave anything behind.

Do not forget to link you google account to save your game data. Without google link, your account may result in a loss of data, game and device memory. Of course, you can proceed without agreeing on such a move, that it is totally coming back to you.

The main pro of the Crusader Attack guide, it will be taking you through the full features of the game and the smallest components inside of the gameplay. Understanding the fundamentals of the game would simply make your future at the game much easier and simpler.

I guess, you are eager to hear the main storyline behind this game, and that is what we will be covering the next segment.


Long time ago, the world has been ruled by four goddesses. They have managed to settle everything down and create the peace and harmony that everyone would seek. All the good things have been kept into a small crystal and sent down to the planet earth.

If you have asked anyone about the crystal powers, you would simply realize that some evil powers would start chasing it down and try to obtain these powers to conquer the world. So did the Demon King, as he attacked the kingdom and kept trying to take down the walls and steal the crystal.

Too many innocent lives were taken, and the battle was over but it has left only two warriors. And that is when the main story begins. Follow our Crusader Attack tips in the upcoming scenes.



An Addictive and Time Killing Game.

We have noticed a very funny advice between the loading screens. It simply says “Try not to play more than 20 hours a day for your health!”. They are simply trying to show you how addictive the game is, and we are yet exploring the basics and trying to know the real quality of the game.

But in order to be prepare for anything or any battle against the king demon, activate the Crusader Attack cheats service and later on here we will describe its usage.

Main Controls.

Tap with your finger and move it left and right, this is the simple aiming system at the game. Keep sliding and put your aim directly at the enemy units.

The attack is functioning automatically, so you are only taking care of aiming and prioritizing the units you are shooting at. Of course, you must be taking the closer enemies and stronger first. And you may enhance your shooting powers with Crusader Attack hack.

Complete Waves Using Special Skills.

The game is following the waves system, so this might be frustrating to some players as it takes way too long to move from one stage to another. But the developers have managed to add special skills to deal higher damage rate.

The special skills are located on the bottom right corner of the screen, and they will launch powerful attacks. You may see the best results from these special skills once you activate the Crusader Attack hack service and start purchasing new weapons to fight with.

The activated skill will move automatically into the cool down state, which means you are not allowed to use it for a certain period of time. Meanwhile, you may use the crowd control skill to herd and eliminate enemies.

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