Play with your own hero in a journey of fighting the evil off the kingdom and trying to rescue out the princess that you have fallen in love with, this is a role playing game where you can keep upgrading and improving your army without any limits and also use the Crush Them All cheats to increase the amounts of flooz you have got and upgrade your powers and abilities to be able to fight off much stronger opponents.

Crush Them All game was created and developed by “Godzilab” and it is available to be downloaded on IOS and Android Devices.

Game Story.

At the first scene ever, you can see the young warrior speaking with the princess and he is warning the princess as her dad the king has warned and gave orders to her to stay close to the castle, but the young princess doesn’t want to follow the orders and planning to go further as she believes that her dad has been always over protective, but somehow the princess was about to tell the warrior about her secret and confess her love to him, but suddenly a huge monster appeared out of nowhere and kidnapped the princess so your mission now as you were charged of providing the princess with the protection no matter what happens so start chasing down this bonehead and free the princess to return her safely to the kingdom, use Crush Them All cheats to help you out with your mission.

Upgrade Your Character to Become Strong Enough for The Upcoming Challenges.

While you are on your way to reach this bonehead you need to be strong enough and increase your powers, so remember to pick up the gold that is dropped by battling those sacks of bones, and invest the gold on your character to increase its powers and abilities as well.

One thing we should never forget to mention in our Crush Them All guide which is the Ascending system and how it works, but right now we will only mention that you are going to need to reach stage 60 in order to Ascend.

Learn How TO Earn Coins as Fast as Possible.

As you are moving around and your need for gold is increasing here are some Crush Them All tips to help you out and let you know the main sources to earn gold in the game, head to the village and purchase new shops as they will earn your coins over the time, this village will keep producing you with gold even when you are not playing so this is your best bet here.

You can be also receiving notifications when the time has come to collect the generated coins as they have a limit for your stock once it is reached there will be no more gold being produced.

Check On Your Goals.

Checking your objectives continuously is a wise move to do so your target would be clear and at least you would know what you are doing exactly, use the given special skills from the bottom of the skills menu as they will be helping you to proceeded to next stages by killing the strongest boss of the stage out in few seconds.

Your first mission in here is to reach stage 10 successfully and you will be receiving 300 prismas as an award.

Using The Crush, Them All Hack to Reach the Maximum Level of the Shops.

Upgrading your own village shops is a crucial thing as they will be providing you with tons of coins in the game, but you can be using the Crush Them All Hack as well as an extra source for the gold coins, also the shops there can be upgraded to the level where you do not have to collect the resources manually anymore, you can let the game do this mission for you and collect the resources which are generated after each period of time automatically and add it to your own stock of gold.


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