We are talking here about a game that is trying to bring the battle system into a completely new level. Things will be changing and seeing revolutionary change. Thanks the graphics engine and the great team behind this project.

The storyline is not that deep and the remaining components will not satisfy your needs in every prospect, but we can assure you an ease and smoothness of the progression by using the Dark 3 cheats and unlocking the full features of the game free.

Dark 3 was created and published by “Gamea” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

You only need an Android version 2.3 and onwards to run the game but that is very unrealistic when it comes to the game visuals and general graphics level. A decent game that is coming packed up with every RPG would need to make it on a challenging bar with similar games.

General Intro.

Tap to login at the very first opening scene of the game, it will change according to the situation and we are advising you to have  stable and strong internet connection to experience no issues at all running the game.

In addition, when it comes to the general knowledge about the gameplay and all of the game components, then reading the Dark 3 guide would be the right thing to do at the current moment. Learn more about the game in depth down below.

Server Selection Instructions.

Apart from having a strong connection and entering the game with a new account. You must pick up a server that has been created recently and not very crowded to decrease the challenging levels. Of course, these are part from the Dark 3 tips we have promised to reveal for you.

In addition, once you are done with selecting the server with the specifications we spoke about, it would be the right moment to create your own character. There are three different main classes to choose from, learn about the pros and cons of each on the next segment.



Choose From Three Different Classes.

There are three main classes, they can be changed to sub classes, and that is not the main issue if you ask me. You should know exactly which one is going to fit your needs and style of play.

  • Warrior: barbarian warrior is well known for his high health points and attacks. In addition, his bloodthirsty battle system. Fourth awaken is evolving from warrior to godly warrior.
  • Archer: Elf archer is good at taking down the enemies form a distance. You do not have to get too close to an opponent to shoot them down. Fourth awaken is evolving from archer to godly archer.
  • Mage: necromancer is textured for his controlling area damage skills. In addition, once combined with Dark 3 cheats, you will be experience a completely new level of greatness.

Quick Tips.

Once you pick up the class that suits your style of play, then entering a nickname that fits you should be the next move. If you cannot think of any name, hit the dice button and randomly generate a name.

Do not forget how the Dark 3 hack is going to boost up your surviving chances in this world. So keep it always a highest priority in terms of usage.

Enhance Your Attacking Skills.

Skill upgrading is unlocked at level 190; all class skills will be enhanced. In addition, that will be taking us into another completely new story. Knowing that each class has his own skills and attacking style is an important thing.

That is why the game has offered you the chance to create up to three different classes. In addition, switching between them has seen many improvements in terms of flexibility.

Getting enough gold from the Dark 3 hack is a guaranteed and easy way but you can also get the gold by completing missions and doing the daily prays.

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