The game name is simply telling you the story or the purpose behind it. So you should be expecting to use all kinds of cars and boats to chase down criminals and investigate over the crimes that are very hard to be solved.

The game is packing tons of great cars and boats to use and it is actually fun controlling them and following certain assignments to accomplish in the city. You may remove the ads and get extra coins for free by activating the Detective Driver Miami Files cheats, but we would love to teach you more about the gameplay here before we jump into the easy solution.

Detective Driver Miami Files was created and published by “Play with Games ltd “company and it is available to be downloaded and played on almost any android or IOS platform out there.

The graphics quality is pretty much average when it comes to the total games on the stores, but for a racing game it is very low and you do not need a high end device to get it running smoothly. This could be considered to be a pro not really a con as the majority of the users are not using flagships at the moment.

Remove The Ads for Good!

The worst thing we have encountered through the game is the annoying ads, they will keep popping up at random points and that tis actually disturbing and the only known method in the game to remove them is by paying a visit to the store and paying your credit card to get an ad free version.

But thanks to the Detective Driver Miami Files cheats, it has managed to eliminate the ads entirely from the scene for the better good.

Unlock New Challenges as You Move Forward.

Each chapter is consisting of several missions and you will not be able to play in the next chapter unless you accomplish the previous ones. That is how the game works. We have enjoyed this system and enjoyed how the difficulty is changing according to your playing style. These all are several good parts of the gameplay that would shape out the entire future. Follow Detective Driver Miami Files tips for further instructions.



Follow The Green Light.

Your main target at any mission is to flow the green markers and stop in shown areas and that is how you are going to pass missions. You do not need to do something unique or extra ordinary to get through.

Reading our Detective Driver Miami Files guide could come in handy in most of the times through the game. As it will simplify some comes which will make the investigation mission much easier and save you time.

Welcome to Vice Island!

In this section we will be talking mainly about the gameplay and how the controls are working for your side. On the left bottom corner, you can find the steering wheel, it is very ordinary and has nothing special implemented through it.

On the opposite side from the steering wheel you can find the acceleration pedal and the brakes. Maybe with some coins from Detective Driver Miami Files hack, you might be able to put your hands over a very fast car with very high specifications to use in the missions.

Improve Your Driving Skills.

At the starting missions in the game or mainly the first chapter. Everything happening there will only be related to reaching you extra skills and help you with improving the driving skills. So once the real mission comes up you would be ready totally for it and making no mistakes.

Expect the missions to be always happening under a certain time frame. And you have to accomplish it whiten this range to get the maximum reward possible. Watch out for traffic repairs as they are expensive. But of course you should not worry at all with the cost of anything…thanks to Detective Driver Miami Files hack service.

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