This could be an ordinary matching game, but the fact is that Disney has managed to bring in the exciting new Disney and Pixar emoji. Now you will be enjoying the 3 items matching system combined with high pace gameplay. Get the Disney Emoji Blitz cheats to fit into the system and overcome any possible challenge.

We are speaking here about over 600+ different emoji characters and items. So these numbers are huge, which are reflecting on how big the challenge is going to be on the gameplay. So let’s not rush things out and start out detailed guide right now. Scroll down to find the necessary information for any Beginner.

Disney Emoji Blitz was created and released by “Disney” and there are not enough words to describe, how great this company is. So you should prepare yourself for one hell of a game. and no worries, it is available to be downloaded and played on any Android or IOS platform for free.

Quick Introduction for Beginners.

The game is not heavy and it is not super light, so it may take few minutes at the first start up. And you should be entering your age as the game is containing an in App purchase. This system was created at the first place to keep you safe from losing your money due to a spoiled kid or something similar.

Activating the main age restriction system, would be a very wise move if you have kids using your device. Learn more about the depth of the game features by reading Disney Emoji Blitz guide.

Choose between Three Different Emojis at The Start-Up!

You can see the game is offering you a chance to pick up the right character from three different ones over there. And they are the following:

Sulley: His main power up is roaring to scare random emojis off the board, which will give him a very strong advantage and higher winning chances.

Ariel: her power up is making a wave of bubbles to clear away all the unwanted Emojis!

Simba: Animals run left and right to clear a row of emojis. This is a very expected power up from this emoji. But never mind as our Disney Emoji Blitz tips will make every character look stronger on the battlefield.



Personal Experience.

In our experience we have picked this pretty emoji Ariel. So let’s take a closer look over the gameplay. There is nothing special as you have to swipe emojis to match 3 or more together. And matching 4 emojis will make a very scary cloud.

The clouds or every item that is similar to the construction of matching more than3 emoji together are considered as a power up. they are way stronger than getting Disney Emoji Blitz cheats throughout the game.

Always Keep an Eye Over the Timer.

This is a time based game, so getting the best score before the time runs out is such a critical thing to do. Putting into consideration that Disney Emoji Blitz hack would be the optimal solution when it comes to scoring the highest score possible within a time frame.

Thanks to the free amount of hints and the power boosters which could be purchased right before the challenge begins. I guess you are aware of the main basics of the game and ready to step up your game on the next segment.

Advanced Instructions.

There will be many emojis appearing on the screen, but your focus should be mainly on your current picked up emoji, since there will be a super powered bar located on the bottom left corner and once it is filled up, you will be getting the super power enabled. In other words, this is a free ticket to reserve a spot on the high score board. Especially when it is combined with Disney Emoji Blitz hack, you are going to become invincible.

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