Epic Seven was created and published via “Smilegate Megaport” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

What is making this game on the trending line now is the storyline! It is coming packed up with an outstanding storyline and animations.

It will take you through a journey with seven different worlds; each one has its own details and fights. This game will never end. Let us not forget that it is a turn based combat game, so if you are not a fan of the turn based system, you might end up hating the gameplay.

The Epic seven cheats will boost up your chances of becoming someone extraordinary in the game in no time. It will save you the effort and you can still enjoy the gameplay and storyline events with rich supplies.

The Se7en Worlds

There are seven Wonders in the game, and we will try to cover all of them with more details to help you understand the general idea behind the game and have a complete view on the gameplay.

  • Orbits: a world bursting with stories named after orbits, who died in the celestial war. A heartbroken, diche, the goddess of life, created a world from his corpse, and named it after him.
  • Ritania: a continent on orbits with locations including Ezera, home of Church of the Goddess: reingar thriving with magic and machinery, svara a center of commerce and taranor, a mysterious Empire. Learn more about the magic
  • Sanctuary: a place referred to as the heart of orbis. The surrounding Naran Maru Mountains stop normal people from being able to enter.
  • The Sacred Kingdom Ezera: Birthplace of the Church of the Goddess, a religion followed all across Riatnia. Ruled by Queen Diene, hero of the Archamedon war, ever since the previous king fled at war’s height twenty years ago.
  • Reingar Student Council: with the sage minaet at its Center, Reingar has long been involved in magical research. Home of the Magical academy. It is now famed as the most developed civilization on the entire continent.
  • Savara: a commercial city ruled by the Emporium. A bustling region filled with all kinds of people from around the world in the interests of trade. Savara’s merchants are known to lead a Luxurious Lifestyle. You can purchase whatever you want by using the Epic Seven hack.

These were the main cities in the game, and you will get to know them more as you go through the missioning system.

Save Your Progression Cloudily

There are several login options at this game; we are allowed to choose from four options. The first three are mainly related to use a Facebook. Gmail or a stove account. All of them will provide you with an access to your friends list and saving your progression cloudy.

If you do not wish to share any of your personal information with the game, then the guest mode is available for you to select.

The next step will be selecting a server, remember that you may change the servers later on the game. In addition, the Epic seven hack will not be affected with such a process.

Quick Look over the Main Heroes

On the previous segment, we have mentioned the full six worlds with details; we do believe that you need to have more information about the available characters to choose from. Following our set of Epic Seven tips would help in this regard.

  • Mercedes: A homunculus left in the care of queen diene by Krau, a knight of Taranor. She does not know what she is or the reason for her creation, and feels a tremendous sense of guilt for being created using the Archidmon’s power. As such, she feels deeply indebted towards those who accept her, instead of rejecting her for what she is.
  • Cartuja: this world is survival of the fittest, but there may be a higher meaning that transcends it. A courageous and valiant beast. He is the head of the Tuharta, a clan amongst the swamp and stone tribe of the Farche Alliance. With the rest of survivors of the Archdemon war, he set out to find a new home. He initially took on unscrupulous tasks as clan, but now he now declines such requests after becoming aware of the consequences of his actions.
  • Yuna: president of the Reingar student council. She is always in good spirits and is brimming with curiosity, making her the perfect leader for the chaotic student council. However, except for a few members, no one actually knows what she looks like, allowing her to blend in as a normal student and cause a lot of trouble.
  • Aither Tali:the bright and cheerful prince of the Sacred kingdom of Ezera has a deep respect for his mother, queen Diene. He hopes to follow her example and leave his mark on history as a hero. With the advanced help from Epic seven cheats, you shall conquer the world with this hero. He has king and a warm heart, but due to his abundance of enthusiasm, things did not always go the way he wants.

Remember that using the Epic seven hack will remain with you, no matter the login option that you choose at the start of the game. Learn more next…



Gameplay + Controls

Tap the side of the screen in the direction you want to move. The gameplay is mainly based on two directions, right or left.

The graphics are very interesting, as the animations are sharply crafted. You might need to play around with the graphics quality from the settings menu.

The battles are following a different path. You have to select the enemy you would love to attack first before executing your skill. In addition, since it is a turn based, then you need to have strategy for the next 3 attacks at least. The Epic Seven hack would boost up your overall powers and put you up there with the elites.

Use command strike to make a powerful sword slash at an enemy and trigger a dual attack. It is the ideal solution if you are facing more than one enemy.

The enemies are way stronger than you, so you might need to have this Epic Seven cheats by your side throughout the different missions to ensure that the victory will become yours.

Strengthen Your Heroes With Epic Seven Cheats For Free!

Do not skip the great animation movies in between the missions, they are very interesting and will make you live the battle.

Remember that each hero will come with his own special attacking skill. It will acquire 60 souls from you, but once it is activated, you should be expecting yourself to be granted the victory of the battlefield. You can in case your souls easily with the Epic Seven cheats.

In addition, one of the greatest feature of this game is the storyline. It was well written, so it will not leave you feeling lost or bored at the middle of the game.

Final Conclusion

You can always get the Epic Seven cheats active and visit the pub to strengthen your heroes, and make your own team ready. However, as a beginner, you shall start your adventure by heading towards the world map.

Press on the ready button located on the bottom right corner, and there will be a mission or a stage for you to apply on. Read the details of the mission and know exactly the rewards.

You have the complete right to either accept it or not. If you feel like the rewards are not up to the challenge, then the Epic Seven hack could work as an alternative in that case without a doubt.

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