Eternium was created and published by “Making Fun, Inc.” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

This is considered to be one of the greatest action RPGs out there at the moment. They have managed to add the key features that would place it on the top ranking list.

It is one of its kind as you can simply download a certain set of contents and enjoy playing it offline as well. Drawing sings to cast spells is easy and rewarding, but that is something we will learn later on after activating Eternium Hack Services.

Here is a quick list with Key Features:

  • Can be played with or without internet connection
  • User friendly UI
  • Interactive spells casting gestures and we call it a living experience
  • The game can be really played for free, but you still will need Eternium Hack to access some of its features
  • Continuous updates and map expanding
  • Several classes available to choose from

By reaching this point you should be aware of the main features and have already made your mind either to download it or not. On the upcoming segments we will talk in depth about the gameplay contents…

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As you begin your first scenes inside, you will notice that you can choose from four different options.

  • Male
  • Female

When it comes to the class

  • Warrior
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Mage

Third step would be picking up a name, and it can be done automatically or manually. However, if already have an account, you can use it to login and retrieve back all your previous progress.

Game not saved, save your game to an Eterinum account to safeguard your progress and earn a 30 gem reward. If you have another profile then you can simply log it in and use its components.

One of the features you can customize later on here is the language. The game is coming in more than 20 global languages and they all are optimized to deliver the exact high quality experience.

Each account is given the rights to create more than a single hero but only two slots will come unlocked at first glance. There will be three remaining locked slots can be unlocked with Eternium Hack.



Ideal Game Setup Explained In Depth

Customizing the gaming experience should become in your priorities. As you can play around with several options to shape it the way you desire it.


  • Changing the resolution to its highest potential will only result in an improved looking textures but will reduce the battery time and might cause some lag on certain devices.

View Distance

  • It is the maximum view your character can see in the open field. It can be decrease or increased depending on your preference, but remember it you increase it over 100% it might cause some problems.

3D creature Limit

  • Lower the limit to use to 2D rendering for common enemies when the screen is too crowded. It may improve the overall performance of the game.

Ambiance and weather

  • It will allow you to see snow, falling leaves, fog clouds and other similar effects. It will reduce battery life and give you a richer experience overall.

Terrain Resolution

  • Increase to see sharper terrain details, decrease to improve performance and reduce memory usage.

Audio Settings.

  • There are several Main sound effects can be customized, but we are suggesting you to disable the game music and keep the SFX at its highest level to keep you aware of the various changes around you.

Shape Your Own Experience

One of the unique features in this game is how to enables the regular players to customize the gameplay features and make the game take a complete different path.

Here is a quick list with the most common features and how to customize it to match your needs:

  • Smart Crafting assistant
    • Reserve resources required by a recipe when crafting ingredients
  • Show guide arrows on ground
    • Display arrows on the ground guiding you to your next quest objective. You can disable them if you progressed far enough into the game.
  • Pulsating inventory item
    • Suggest which new items you should equip by flashing them in the inventory
  • Floating numbers
    • Display floating numbers for damage, healing and picked up resources during gameplay
  • XP Bar Text
    • Display numeric experience on the in-game XP bar
  • Resume Auto-Attack after moving
    • Resume auto attacking your target after moving your hero from its destined location
  • Abilities Queue
    • Automatically cast an ability if activated during the global cool down

Now we are done with the main features and the time has come to the most advanced features:

  • Multi core: enable it to improve the performance
  • Framerate Limit: it will help conserver battery life
  • Rewarded Videos: watching a video will reward you with 5 gems.
  • Display framerate: it will help you to track down your current FPS and apply modifications.

By reaching this point you should have the Eternium Cheats service active…



Shores Of Hope

First mission we got here is the shores of hope. “They burned our books and they enslaved us in the name of Ragadam, their twisted lord. On these shores begins my vengeance: I will hunt you, Ragdam, across the worlds!”

The game will automatically start downloading extra contents but you can star the missions right away and download will keep on happening on the background. Gameplay experience may not be that perfect, but it will get better after the download is finished.

Tap on screen to move from one spot to another and follow the highlighted blue arrows as they will guide you to your next destination.

Eternium Hack is a service that will ensure you an easy success and mission accomplishment. It is totally recommended by our side.

A small radar or a map is shown on the top right corner. It might be helpful to you at certain points in the gameplay.

How Does Eternium Cheats Work?

Killing enemies will come with its rewards:

  • Experience points to advance in level and unlock new features and of course the Eternium hack will work as a solid alternative to the looting system.
  • Loot
    1. Gold coins to purchase new gears
    2. Advanced gears and equipment to use
    3. Materials to craft new items

Access your inventory from the bottom right corner to check on the newly collected items and it can be used if it is better than the current ones.

  • Drag and drop items on your items slot list to equip it.
  • Tap on the item and read the description.

Checking your mail frequently for new items and quest updates. It should keep you up with the latest changes occurring to your game.

The gems you are generating with Eternium Cheats shall be sent to your account via the mailbox.

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