This is a simulation game, it was created and published by “iGames Entertainment” the game was released on 14 March, 2017.

Start downloading the game to your IOS and android devices and enjoy the driving the train from the cabin and also make sure to use the Euro Train Simulator 2017 cheats to get provided with all the money you need to progress.

Learn How to Control Your Train by Following the in Game Instructions!

Here is the first lesson you are going to learn from the game, at the beginning you will need to open the doors of the train to the citizens to start the journey of helping them reach their destination in the perfect time, so start tapping to open the doors, then also tap to close the doors to start moving forward, in order to accelerate you need to drag the slider up, now touch and drag to change camera angel to start looking around and enjoy the view of the city, and finally make sure to read our Euro Train Simulator 2017 tips we still going to mention in the next titles to understand the game more.

Get as Much as XP You Can to Get the Full Mark!

You can also change the camera view, by tapping at the pointed button, and to warn people who are crossing or warn other trains that you are coming you can also use the horn button just tap on it to start horning, and once you reach your destination you can always tap on the button to stop the train, and if you want to  make a turn to right or left also drag the slider to do it, there is also another thing you need to care about in order to earn more XP points you should always keep a track of speed limit, so earn the maximum XP to get the 3 stars, and to do that you will need to reach the destination before the time runs out, and finally make sure to read our Euro Train Simulator 2017 guide to understand how is the stars rewarding system work.

Buy The Different Trains and Break Your Old Records!

Now it’s time to get the job done, it’s time to reach the destination earlier than you have even did to earn more stars and more money to be able to progress faster in the game, and to do so you will need to unlock and upgrade all of your trains stats, and these stats are the capacity, the weight, the control and the speed of your trains.

There are many trains are available in the game to be unlocked and they are the Brighton Pullman, the Allersberg Express, the Rome Express and the Denah star, these trains have different stats from each other so work hard to be able to unlock them all, and to easily unlock them you can always get the help from the Euro Train Simulator 2017 cheats.

Challenge Yourself and Unlock the Different Achievements!

This is the challenging part of the game, you will need to unlock the different achievements to gain more XP points to be at the top of the score board of the game, and these achievements are:

1-First Drive: unlocks after 1st level and you will be getting 500 XP.

2-Train Driver’s Badge: unlocks after 5th level and you will gain 500 XP.

3-Super Train: unlocks after 10th level and also another 500 XP will be added.

4-Gold Medal of Rail: unlocks after 19th level and will be rewarded with 500 XP.


Put Your Hands On the Euro Train Simulator 2017 Hack and Unlock New Features!

If you cannot upgrade the different trains, and you cannot afford the perfectly designed trains of the game to gain more money and XP to be in the score board of the game and to beat the different players that are playing the game from all over the world, you can always use and get the help from the Euro Train Simulator 2017 hack that will provide you with all the money you need to buy all these trains.


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