This is an adventure game, the game created and published by “Kingslsle Entertainment, inc.”, the game was released on 10 Feb, 2017.

Start downloading the game to your IOS and Android devices in order to save the world from such monsters that wants to spread the evil and fear, also make sure to use the EverClicker cheats to get all autoclicker packages for yourself to use.

Begin Your Journey With Entering Your Hero’s Name!

Welcome! Please enter your name this is going to be your thing to begin the game with, enter your name then choose the character you want to play with form the many characters that are available in the game, after choosing the hero, your hero will be awakened Tina the warrior princess is going to be your hero she is going to be your click damage hero!  So get ready to start your journey with Tina and to defeat all the monsters you are going to face, also make sure to form the best alliance you will ever find from the other heroes to become unbeatable.

Follow The Instructions For The Optimum Results!

Make sure to read our EverClicker tips to understand how does the game control system work here, ok the first tutorial is simple as that all you need to do to attack the monsters is just to click the enemy!  So make sure to defeat the different monsters with your skills, also defeating these monsters will let you collect all the tokens of skills to become stronger and to arm yourself well to easily eliminate the strongest monsters in the game, with such easy game controls you should be bringing the peace back to the earth.

Enjoy The Different Adventures The Game Provided For you!

In each map you will facing a lot of monsters to have the permissions to play in the next one, every monster has a specific amount of health bar points, and to beat these monsters you will end their lives, so make sure to upgrade your hero’s damage by increasing your level also by defeating the different monsters, also make sure to spend gold to increase a hero’s level and increase your damage, this is where you should be spending your money, get stronger and become undefeatable, and finally make sure to read our EverClicker guide to know where you can increase your level and your damage.

Work On Upgrading And Increasing Your Heroes Stats!

Each stage consists of ten monsters, after defeating these ten monsters you are going to be promoted to the next stage, through your journey you are going to find another heroes that wants to join your team but in order to awaken them you will need to collect more gold from these evil monsters, each hero needs some gold to be awakened as an example there is Yukiko that has 5 DPS and needs about 57 gold, we have another hero that called Ivana Rock also needs some gold to be awakened, so make sure to use the EverClicker cheats in order to get all the needed gold to get all these heroes to defend the world with you from these monsters.

Obtain the EverClicker Hack To Unlock New Features!

If you have no time to collect all the gold you need to upgrade and increase your hero’s levels, if you cannot defeat the monsters anymore because they are getting stronger and you are still weak, using and getting the extra help from the EverClicker hack will provide you with enough gold and supplies to be completely ready for the massive incoming fights, also will help you to summon ancient spirits to help you with your journey, and will finally unlock the different hidden powers you have so you can easily eliminate these evil monsters.


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