Your all-time favorite game has finally come to your mobile world. Enjoy playing this outstanding game, and walkthrough the different challenges and events of course with one of the highest 3D qualities out there. Read and use our FINAL FANTASY AWAKENING Hack, cheats, tips and guide in order to learn more about the available classes and to know exactly which class would fit you the most. And let’s not forget about the free resources which will boost up your performance in there.

FINAL FANTASY AWAKENING was created and published by one of the biggest gaming companies in this industry “EFUN COMPANY LIMITED” and it is available to be downloaded and played for free almost on any Android or IOS device.

Quick Introduction to The Starting Features.

At the starting segment here, we will be speaking mostly about the introduction of the game. So expect to find a quick glimpse about all the features which you are about toe counter at the starting phase of the game, such as server selection, available langue’s etc…

So let’s start at the first part which is the server selection. There are few points that must be fulfilled whilst you are picking up your server, so we are speaking here about the creation date at the beginning. The newer the server the better it will be for you, because this will enable you to have higher chances to become one of the strongest player in the server, since everyone is starting right from the beginning with you.

Also you should take a look over the server location, this is playing a vital role, because the closer the server to your region the lower latency and better gaming experience as whole.

Now, I guess you are fully aware of the server selection instructions, we can move next to the language selection. The game is coming in several languages, and of course since you are reading this review right now, then you will easily find the English language and set it as a default language for you inside.




When the world took shape, four lights of help fell. Lights of hope became crystals with different powers, one is rubrum, the wings of flame with magic power, one is militias, the steel wrist with magitek armor.

One is Concordia, the pure eye piercing the sky, with their dragons flying around. One is Lorican, the mighty shield with a hidden blade, they are the masters of the melee combats. This world is Orience, in spiral samsara, the world is waiting for the Agito. the origins will grant the world some spirit, now the world comes in another spiral. This was the story behind the creation of the game, so I guess now you are fully aware of what you are going to get yourself into, use and read our FINAL FANTASY AWAKENING hack, cheats, tips and guide in order to save yourself a spot at the top among the most talented players in the world so far.

Pick Up the Right Class That Will Fulfill Your Needs in The Game So Far.

There are several characters available, each one of them is packed up with some unique special skills and powers, so you have to read the following parts carefully to know exactly which class is going to suit you the most, since the idea of changing classes during the playing phase is not as easy as you are expecting. Actually, you will have to restart all over again from the beginning. Which will simply result in losing all the items and progression that you have made so far.

So, let’s begin with the “Windblade Warrior”. The double-sword wielding melee fighter has high health points and is wholesome, yet it is balanced in the combat.

We are recommending this class for the players whom are looking to always take the lead and become a front liner during the combat. If you are brave enough and have what it takes to keep you alive in the close combat, then this class would become a perfect fit for you. Later on here we will be giving you all the necessary information that you would be looking for in order to become undefeatable.

We forgot to mention that this class famous skills are known as “Cursed Blade” it is an interrupt skill, uses incredible speed to kill enemies ahead.



The Magitek Knight Is at Your Service!

Moving to the next class “Fire Gunner” has ranged capabilities. Deals massive damage to the enemies. The famous skill is the Fatal shot. Pulls out double guns both fire, dealing great damage to all enemies in range around user.

This class is very strong in the ranged battles, and it is ready to become unstoppable when it is given the space and distance. But once the battle becomes harder and the enemies are right at your doors, then you will see nothing but chaos and destruction. So it is advised to have the right skills for this class before picking it.

The last but not least thing we got here is the “Ice Magitek Knight”, his famous skill is the “Iceberg Attack” uses power of frost to summon an iceberg that deals damage to enemies in range, along with freezing for certain period of time.

He is simply a mage who has studied control skills is good at creating an optimal battle environment. And once you combine this class with our FINAL FANTASY AWAKENING hack, cheats, tips and guide. We are pretty sure that you will be reaching stages that no one has ever managed to do it before.

Customize Your Character Outfit Freely.

This is a very cool feature that we have enjoyed about the game. Actually once you select the class you would love to play with and the gender is selected as well, the next stage is the customization. And by customization we mean everything. Every small detail is up to be changed.

Let me list out the parts which are available to be customized in there. Face, Hair, hair color and even the personality of your character. This is something that we got to see for the first time, choose between having a blood thirst character, lovely personality, or even a calm and stone cold personality. This game keeps on surprising me with how well it has been created.

Now, at this point you are ready to begin your own journey, as we have explained every part of the game that any beginner would be looking for, and also with our FINAL FANTASY AWAKENING hack, cheats, tips and guide you will advance forward throughout the different missions of the game very fast. So nothing is missing so far except having a quick idea about the storyline.

The game events are running around the Militias empire, as they are using the crystal power and they are losing their patience, as they have launched a surprise attack on the Dominion of Rubrum. And that is when the chaos has started.



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