One of the greatest MOBA out there on the store. It will bring to you a very fast paced action battles, which means you have to stay concentrated, during the entire battle. Combined with the simple UI and smart controlling system, so ensure you are using the FLAME VERSUS BLAZE cheats to get enough Topaz to purchase whatever you need to become successful.

FLAME VERSUS BLAZE was created and published by “SQUARE ENIX INC” company and it is available to be downloaded directly into your android or IOS platform.

Bringing the anime quality when it comes to the graphics part, but still keeping it decent and smooth as possible. So you do not have to worry much about the specification your device has.

Gameplay Introduction.

Meet “Yakasa” as he has been waiting for you! He is going to teach the necessary moves that will get you started. As an agent in this mysterious world, everything is complicated. If you can clear all the objectives, you will be given a free range. Follow our FLAME VERSUS BLAZE tips to learn more about the hidden techniques.

Our main objective at this FLAME VERSUS BLAZE guide is to help you with passing all the starting scenes and phases successfully. And the best way to start is to learn the movements, tap anywhere on the screen to move around in different locations. And for the long distances or if you were heading to certain location, it is much better to hold on the screen in the direction you want to go to. The character will keep moving until you release your hands off the screen.

The viewing angel is located right at the top side of the screen. You might find it a little bit complicated but honestly, it is ideal for this type of games. It will not be taking more than few moments to get used to the gameplay inside. But as a start, ensure that you are activating the FLAME VERSUS BLAZE cheats, later on here, you will learn how it works exactly.



Challenging Combat System.

Moving right into the combat phase. As a start, you will be entering a battle against a little monster called Kobol. It will attack once it has the chance so, take the first step and defeat it first as fast as possible. Do not give it a chance to hit you or take you down.

Tap an enemy and you will automatically attack it. Killing out enemies is your main source for power as it will help you to gain experience points and increase your level. The higher your level the stronger you will get eventually.

You will be getting stronger in several ways, as a beginner, you will be getting new skills unlocked which will grant you massive energy and power during the battles. And specially with FLAME VERSUS BLAZE cheats, your damage will reach new limits and become way too stronger. As we have mentioned the special skills, the time has come to speak more in depth about the them on the next segment.

At the start you will find on the special skills on the bottom right side of the screen, as this is the regular spot for them.

Learn More About the Nature of the Skills.

Using the skills cannot become any easier. Tap on the icons so you would activate its special effects. Each spell you are activating will deal a different type of attack. You need to spend some quality time on them to learn how these spells work exactly. The shortest path to strength is to understand your own powers and know how to utilize it perfectly.

Skills take time to cool down, so you cannot use them again right away. Make sure to use them carefully! In other words, do not waste your special skills on weak enemies as you are going to need them badly later on the game for stronger foes. Increase the attack damage with FLAME VERSUS BLAZE cheats.

During the battle phase, you must keep an eye over your health bar located on the top left corner, because this indicator for your surviving state in the battle. If you are getting way to low on the health, consider paying a visit back to the base in order to regenerate health points again. Do it right away by tapping on the button located on the top right corner of the screen.



Very Smart UI That Fits Everyone.

Let’s speak more about the game UI and to let the new players know exactly how the game looks like and find the required button on their exact location.

On the top left corner, you will see the character icon shown there. and if you take a look over the main character on the field, there will be the level of the character shown and right next to it is the experience level.

And that is not all, you can mode shift and change your form and abilities. Tap on the mode shift icon on the top side screen. It is different than a mode shit, but there are some agents who can transform anywhere!

The battles are going through several stages, some of them will be against stronger opponents whom are required from you to have some certain unique powers to take them down. Maybe with some of FLAME VERSUS BLAZE hack. Purchase the right gears to become strong enough for these challenges.

The stronger opponents will give you higher rewards, but of course it is not comparable with FLAME VERSUS BLAZE hack service. But still should enter your consideration list.

Activate Your Special Skills Accordingly.

Skills that change agent attributes or hinder enemies’ actions can tip the scales in your favor. Now let’s leave everything behind and move into the main mode. Knowing that Yakasa can charge into battles and take a beating. He Excels at getting into the fray and disrupting foes. By reaching this point you will be taking control and becoming natural. Keeping all this information in your head alongside the FLAME VERSUS BLAZE hack, we will become comfortable with you reaching points that no one has ever managed to reach before.

Meat Dahlia, she will be teaching you all about the flow of battle. For example, the Spearsown, upon skill use it will temporarily increase damage done when surrounded by foes. Flourish, will allow you to jump directly into the target location to deal damage to every nearby foe. The damage output is not very high in this skill as it is not designed for single target elimination but for crown control.

Last but not least the Riposte, Yasaka brandishes his spear, performing an attack that boosts his armor. Blitz on the other side, will swing his spear in an Arc and lunges forward. Maybe this is the boosted form of your character. You will see new powers and reach new stages of the game with FLAME VERSUS BLAZE hack no doubt.

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