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Express your inner anger by showing them the real power of your fists and the skill level that you have reached at using the swords and other magical spells at the same time, enjoy playing and unlocking almost 8 different characters and each one of them is coming packed up with its special powers and skills, and do not forge that you must use the Flipping Legend cheats in order to make your character reach it is highest power level possible.

Flipping Legend was created and published by “Noodlecake Studios Inc.” company and it is available on the Android and IOS platforms.


The game begins by giving you a quick introduction to the available characters that you could choose from, but remember that each character has its own cost and you shall not be able to unlock them all at once as well, and this is not only about the coins actually there are some characters which requires from you a certain condition to be met in order to get it unlocked such as going on a kill streak of 50 enemies, and many other requirements to be met.

Reading our Flipping Legend guide is something that every new player should be doing as it will be saving you the time and effort in testing new characters and going through flop roads, but finally after competing reading this review we can guarantee you to become aware of the shortest paths to the glory.

Pick Up Your First Character.

Swipe between the character’s list by tapping on the right side of the screen to move to the right directions and the opposite for the left side, there are no ability to swipe or drag on the screen this your finger as this game is trying to bring a classic experience and moving away from the modern controls and changes that we have seen so far in the most of the games currently, and do not forget to follow the given Flipping Legend tips by our professional team.



Stay Alert!

Right here we will pick up the Archer character to play with as we are fans of the long distant combats and would love to see how the game has managed to deliver the archiving experience.

The gameplay is very hard and such a game is not recommended for children to play it as it will require from you to stay alert and focused before doing a single step at the game, always calculate your movements and where you are expecting to find your character in the next play.

Complicated Controlling System.

Tap on the right side of the screen in order to move the square on the advanced step to the right, and the opposite side will do the opposite directions and movements as well at the same time, but the problem that there will be traps and enemies trying to stop you from progressing further and exploring new places.

If you ever got stuck at a point where you cannot have proceeded any further then do not worry, the game allows you to take a backward step by pressing on the arrow at the bottom left corner, and remember that with the Flipping Legend cheats your chances to reach higher levels shall increase significantly.

With The Flipping Legend Hack You Will Get the Ability to Unlock New Characters and Features Easily.

Coming now to the final conclusion about the game, after each attempt you will be doing there will be a detailed report of the distance that you have covered and the kill streak which you have managed to reach as well, and after all the experience points which is responsible in upgrading and advancing your character to higher levels.

the higher your level is the more features will be unlocked and you could simply enjoy the game for its maximum potential, and to ensure that you are reaching this state use the Flipping Legend hack.



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