Start forging and collecting as many MECHS as possible to add them to your own army for the upcoming great battle that shall never leave anything breathing in the world!

Start raising a loyal army that is ready to die for your word and honor, win battles with them strengthen up the bond between you as a leader and commander and them as soldiers, use the Forge of Titans Mech Wars cheats to be able to strengthen them up physically with the credits that you will be receiving as soon as you start using it.

The game was created by “Winko Games” company and you can download it on any device you want either it runs The Android operating system or the IOS operating system, the game is compatible with most of the devices out there as well, and do not worry about the hardware requirements at all.

Welcome Soldier!

Welcome soldier, this is the commander Endrea that is going to be first person you will be dealing with in the game, and she shall be providing you with the needed information about the game and the difficulties you going to face, also you can be reading our Forge of Titans Mech Wars guide that was designed especially for the new players at the game, as it will be explaining the different stages of the game and the pros and cons of each item you will get to encounter during the play time at the game.

And now let’s get back to the storyline from the Commander Endrea, she is telling you that after each battle you winning, you will be collecting parts and assembling more powerful titans, there are many different ones out there!


Random Tips to Keep You in The game.

The starting scenes of the game are actually pretty good, as you pay a visit to your hangar you will be finding the Titan you already got, so now let’s take a look at the main attributes you should be spending your credits on to upgrade it to the maximum levels on the highest priority. Here are some Forge of Titans Mech Wars tips for you.

The Damage is very important s you will need much higher damage to eliminate tougher opponents because their defense will be high enough to block your normal attacks.

Upgrade Your Armory to Last Longer IN Battles.

The second thing we got here is the Armor, without the right armor you will not last for few seconds at the battle, that is why spending on such a thing is important.

Las thing is the Speed, your movement speed plays a crucial part in the combats, if you were not fast enough to catch your opponent or dodge incoming attacks, then you will be ruined and every move you will be executing will be expected due to the slow movement of yours, use the Forge of Titans Mech Wars cheats which would allow you to have enough credits to apply them upgrades.

Using The Forge of Titans Mech Wars Hack Would Become Your Best Bet!

And now let’s talk about the controls of the titans in a quick preview.

To move or attack simply tap on the desire place on the screen, and watch your titan moving to this direction.

Skills provide you with amazing powers and features, so using them at the right moment would simply lead to a total chaos and destruction of the opponent body.

Also do not forge that you will be upgrading your own titan to the maximum level using the Forge of Titans Mech Wars hack for free.

Increase Your Tians Levels TO Unlock Extra Features.

As you complete missions your powers will grow higher, but the main thing that is very important for your strength and powers is the level of your titan!

You need to increase the levels of your owned titans in order to unlock new skills and features to be able to use them in the combat against your enemies, so stay tight and follow the given instructions at the begging to ensure that your titan will survive to see the day of him becoming immortal.


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