Gambit was created and published by “Big Fish Games” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on the Android and IOS platforms.

This game will force you to get the best out of your strategic plans into the battles. You have to be quick, smart and brave enough to execute your crazy tactical plans to claim a victory.

You will need the Gambit cheats with you through this challenge to improve your deck quality for free.

Get Started

We will skip all the unnecessary introductions and head directly to the gameplay components and give our readers a full review on how to play the game…reading our Gambit review will surely ensure that you are getting the right information.

However, a quick note to remind our readers to use their social media accounts as a login option. This shall allow you to keep all your progression saved cloudily.

You can get an instant access to your Facebook friends from the game, by either sending them invitations or challenging them.

In addition, retrieving the game progression points from any other device is still an option.



How To Play?

This is a card game, so you should be expecting to receive a certain number of cards to begin with. Anything happens afterwards is coming up to your usage.

You can touch and hold on cards and units in lanes to learn more about their abilities. Understanding the full powers of your units is the first step towards the fast success.

Getting new stronger cards could be done by completing missions or winning challenges. However, of course, the fastest way is through the in game shop. Investing in such a place will cost you a lot, so the Gambit cheats will do the same job and it will cost you nothing.

It is always good to consider the free options, and enhance your deck…

Utilize Your Mana Points

Mana cost is the amount of mana required to play a card. Each card will consume a number of its own. Your job is to utilize the situation and try to be smart when you are summoning your cards.

Always have a plan for two steps ahead to ensure you are not stuck in a situation you cannot solve due to the lack of mana points.

The mana points will recharge over the time, so be patient. Alternatively, you can use the extra supplements to fill it up instantly with the Gambit cheats.

You can check on your mana points by looking at the bar located at the bottom of the screen. Now we will move into the card’s abilities….



Improve The Cards Quality Instantly With Gambit Hack!

Each card will have three numbers highlighted on the corner.

  • On the top left corner you can see the mana cost to summon this card
  • On the bottom, left corner there will be an indicator to show you the attacking damage that unit can deal when it hits an enemy unit or a player.
  • On the bottom right corner, there will be the health, which indicates how much damage a unit can take before it dies.

The stronger your deck the longer it will survive and the more battles it will win. So the Gambit hack shall get into business to see rapid results in terms of upgrading and improving your deck.

The Mind Games

Reading the descriptions written on each card will provide you with the details of any special abilities a card may have. Therefore, you are not simply summoning these cards based on their health points and attacking powers only.

Some cards with very low attributes can simply outclass a stronger opponent due to their special abilities. Those what we call the mind games.

Entering the battlefield with a strong tactic…is much better than entering the battle with strong deck but no plans or tactics at all.

One more thing to mention…the ability to construct unique units. You are not having the control over getting the right elements and mixing them together to see a brand new monster waiting for your call to fight.

Of course, we cannot think of anything better than the Gambit hack to help in this task.

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