GrandChase was created and published by “KOG Co., Ltd” and it is available to be downloaded and played on android and IOS platforms.

Invite your friends right away to enjoy one of the greatest RPG out there in the market. The visuals are just perfect, not too high to overload the device and not too low to see some glitches and pixels on the screen.

The perfect part of the game is the storyline; it is rare nowadays to find mobile games with a decent storyline path to follow. This one has managed to make this feature real. The GrandChase hack will also work as an alternative for the in-game purchases and save you money and time.

Quick Start

Here are the few steps you need to make sure that you are doing in order to get the game starting normally.

  • A strong Wi-Fi connection
  • Choose between high quality graphics and low quality
  • Check your device requirements and storage as the high quality will consume more space
  • Choose a login option to link your account
  • Pick a server that is close to your region to reduce the latency
  • Choose a decent nickname for the character, it could be changed later
  • Get the GrandChase hack service ready for the action

The top four steps must be followed and done exactly as we have just mentioned to ensure that you are having the best experience free of lags and obstacles.

After the great chasm was opened, the time has come to fight the darkness once more and rally the forces to stop their progression and invasion into the world. We are planning to provide you with a decent set of GrandChase tips to keep you on the track.

You can always listen to the storyline sequence and dialogues, but there will be also an option to skip it from the top right corner and head directly towards the next phase.

Would love to remind you with the GrandChase cheats and its ability to put you on the map among the top tier players.



Meet the Grand Chase

There are several greater animation videos in between the events to explain the storyline; we would recommend you to watch them, as they are very entertaining and explaining the storyline in a very good and easy way.

The main downside of the game is the popup ads; they will keep showing up with a very cool music being played on the background. You can forget about the in game purchases at all via the GrandChase cheats.

  • Check your mailbox regularly for great gifts and rewards

Enter the adventuring dungeon continuously, should become your daily routine from now on. As you can find the quests and challenges waiting for you.

From this world map, you can select a playable zone. The zones are split into categories; each one will come with a certain number of stars to indicate its difficulty level.

The higher the difficulty the higher the rewards are going to be. But, you should not focus on the rewards much as the GrandChase cheats will cover up all your spending, so the main thing we looking for here is the fun factor.

Missioning System Explained

Before you start any mission, you can see full details about it in the card.

  • Possible rewards and how they would vary depending on the performance
  • Possible missions and their rewards
  • The ranking of the story among the other chapters
  • GrandChase cheats should be there at the very beginning

You can also edit the party members before you begin the mission, or enter the skill research to apply any sort of upgrades. However, as a starter, we would simply start the battle to learn the fundamentals of the battlefield.

Now, we will talk briefly about the controls of the game.

  • Move the party with your finger by dragging and the party members will follow
  • You need SP in order to use skills.
  • You can gain SP by attacking or defeating an enemy
  • Touch the skills at the bottom side to activate them
  • Touch where you would use to use the skill.
  • Read the description of the skills to know exactly what you are going to activate

At the end of each dungeon, there will be a boss waiting at the gates, that is when the real battle begins and you have to bring all what you learned so far into the combat. In addition, an ill bit of help from GrandChase cheats will not harm anybody.



Now, we have covered the main parts of the gameplay and we would love to move next into other features of the game.

Rewards will be delivered automatically to your inventory. However, no matter how strong you are, you must form a party with different abilities to be able to overcome any obstacle without much an effort.

When you are adding new team members, you must put in mind the variety of powers and abilities. One should be reasonable for healing and others for dealing damage and one member should be blocking the incoming attacks.

The GrandChase cheats will help you with unlocking new party members and strong ones specially.

The maximum number you party members at once will be four heroes, but you can always check on them and edit it out from the party menu section.

As long as you are playing the game, you will keep receiving notifications of the players whom have managed to unlock new special gears.

We do believe that your name shall be shining 24/7 with the GrandChase hack, as the resoruces you are going to receive could be considered as a fortune.

Great Rewards Waiting For You Inside

Your party will fight the enemies automatically; you do not need to do anything extra. Just move the party towards the enemies and they will fight.

If you are facing way too many opponents blocking from you reaching your main goal, then it could be a nice idea to drag and ignore the enemies and move forward.

Party skills are great and will make you look stronger than you are expecting.

  • It can be used only after you use normal skills 6 times.

The damage output from this skill is huge and could wipe out your entire enemies. Sometimes advancing in the level will unlock new skills for you to use.

Upgrading your skills with the GrandChase, hack and you can obtain new gears and heroes. After using it, make sure you are opening the mailbox to check for the incoming rewards and start gathering them up for the greatest results.

Each hero in the game will have a gender and attacking class. In addition, the best place to learn more about your new comrade…is at the battlefield!

Remember to check on your stats at the settings menu, it will show you all the necessary information you need to know about the character. You can also change the language or contact the customer support team.

Through the inventory menu, you can see it has been categorized. Which will make your reach to the different items much easier and faster. Of course, the GrandChase hack will fill up an inventory that is why we are going to need this sorting system.

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