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Heroes Guardian is released on 28 June 2017, as the game was created and developed by Fun Oxide Co. Ltd.

Heroes Guardian is now available free to download through Google Play on all the Android devices starting from the firmware of 4.0.3 and higher, in addition the game is also available on the App Store for all the Apple devices starting from IOS 8 and higher, however there are in game purchases that you can buy gems and coins to summon new heroes, but you can always get your hands on the Heroes Guardian cheats and get those gold and gems for free.

Do not skip the Heroes Guardian tutorial, as it will tell you the whole story.

When you first open Heroes Guardian for the first time on your mobile device, the Heroes Guardian guide will automatically explains the game by playing a wonder introduction, which will talk about the whole Heroes Guardian story, as Valondale, the kingdom of Aryan warriors, with the power of the holy shield descending from generation to generation, had an undefeatable army.

Valondale expanded its boundless empire!

Other kingdoms were conquered and controlled by Valondale’s king who lusted for power, then a group of resistance fighter were secretly found and gathered all together, as they created a dimensional portal in order to summon Hero Guardians.

According to the legend, the most dimensional portal of Elados was opened once before, and the Hero Guardians were summoned to save the world.

Nevertheless, instead of summoning the Hero Guardians, the portal brought a demonic army from the deepest hell, to this world.

As no one can stop the malicious power of the demonic army, even the great Aryan warriors of Valondale, were defeated.

The last hope for the lord commander of Valondale to save the world!

The lord commander of Valondale and his best captain are trying to fulfill their king’s last wish, which is to bring the holy shield to the island.

There, they will find the answer for salvaging their kingdom, so all the survivors have escaped to Tartarus, as that place is surrounded by holy rivers and waterfalls, which will keep them safe from the demonic monsters.

In this last resort, the portal of Elados was accidentally discovered, and the last hope of saving the world has fallen into the hands of the person who can open the dimensional portal and summon the Hero Guardians to save the world again.

Then they will fight their first fight at the sea, as thy will face Mepheros, the monster of the south sea which has twenty thousand hp, then the Heroes Guardian tips will tell you to tap on the sword button to begin your attack, which is located in the bottom of your device’s screen.



Make the best out of the modes, and do not waste them!

When your unit queue arranges configuration of more than one unit, the Burst Mode will active automatically.

Heroes Guardian has nice graphics with amazing soundtracks, so will definitely love this game, feel free to use the Heroes Guardian cheats to get powerful heroes to fight next to you.

Choose the best time to use your spells wisely.

For an example, when you are on low hp, you can target the group ally and heal them for sixty hp points, as well as increasing the hero’s defense by five hundred for three turns.

Be careful and do not use them randomly as each spell has its own cool down to be able to be available again.

Get bunch of gold coins needed to get gems, by using the Heroes Guardian hack!

Now is the time to choose your team on heroes carefully and begin looking for new quests, to be rewarded by gold and gems, or you can choose the easy way and use the Heroes Guardian for easy gems.



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