King of Thieves was created and published by “ZeptoLab” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

It is a very unique game that we did not find any similar game to it on the recent years. It is considered to be one of the most interactive game that will take you through a whole new experience. You might need to get geared up with King of Thieves Hack at the very opening stages.

Key Features

  • Learn new jumping techniques
  • Meet and create new friends
  • Join clan and rage a war between two clans by stealing gems
  • Always try to be manipulative enough when it comes to gems stealing
  • Create defenses and riddles to protect your gem storage
  • Help your friends to retrieve back their gems
  • King Of Thieves Hack to worry no more about gem loss

Those were the main features inside. Scroll down if you are interested in learning more about gameplay in depth…

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You must agree to the terms and condition of the game in order to proceed forward, and you have to agree to the “Improve Your Experience” feature, as it will send some statistics about your gameplay to enhance it in the future…

Moving next to the Age verification page and you must be at least 12 years and above in order to play this game.

You can retrieve back all your old progression from any device by simply tapping on “Restore Progress” button on the right bottom corner of the screen.

Enter a name for your character, make sure it is simply and easily recognizable

King of Thieves Hack can be activated at the very beginning and it will make your life much easier as you progress throughout it.

  • Do not stay idle for way too long or you will get disconnected automatically
  • An internet connection is a must thing to have in order to play the game.
  • Do not forget to upgrade your traps, it would make the stealing from you much harder.

Time has come to teach you on the next segment the main controls and some other main game features.



How To Play?

The controls in this game is not very hard and still not very simple. You must take your time in the practice section in order to realize exactly the speed of your character as it will move automatically without stopping, unless it faces a wall or an obstacle in general.

  • Tap once to start the movement
  • Tap twice once you face a wall to jump and change the direction
  • Climb up higher objects by moving from one spot to another in the air
  • Tap, tap, tap and tap until you reach your destination
  • Timing is a very crucial factor here
  • Traps will appear frequently from time to time
  • You must have a complete plan in your head in order to pass the traps successfully
  • Don’t give access to your account to other players

Those were the main key factors when it comes to the gameplay experience and if you manage to master all of the ten points above, then you will create something remarkable.

Now, watch out for those traps and try to dodge them by jumping higher at the right timing or simply going over a higher edge.

Since you have just escaped the prison, you need a place to live. On the next segment we will talk in depth about your personal life.

How To Get Gems?

You are given multiple options to live in at the very beginning stages. Your character will only live in dungeons, so you must make a dungeon habitable in order to live in it.

While you were in prison, your memory faded away and the thief rating plummeted down as well.

Your thief rating will be shown on the top right corner and it will increase as you steal gems

It is only a matter of time until you get to the top and get the title of the “King of Thieves” back. It will require a lot of hard work and King of Thieves Cheats utilization.

Your main aim is to collect as many gems as possible. Here are the most common ways to get gems:

  • Opening chests
  • Invading other dungeons
  • Stealing gems from other players
  • Using King Of Thieves Hack to generate new gems
  • Increase your thief’s rating power by upgrading the throne

You can increase these gems and make the much more valuable by performing rituals in these totems.

To start a ritual you must have a gem that will take us into our first mission to steal the first gem!



Get Any Number Of keys You Desire With King Of Thieves Cheats For Free!

Other thieves have their own dungeons with totems. It is your mission now to pass the traps and reach the opponent’s totem to steal his most valuable gem.

Before you break into the dungeon, try to take a deeper look over the set traps and put a strategy to escape it successfully.

You must find the right keyhole to break in and the number of keys is limited and can only be earned through certain ways.

  • Completing rare missions
  • Completing achievements
  • Opening reward chests
  • Succeeding in stealing a gem from first attempt
  • King Of Thieves Cheats

Those were the main points you need to know in order to cover up the keys factor. Moving next to the gem stealing process and how it’s being done.

You are given a few number of attempts in order to steal the gem without losing the complete opportunity. The traps will remain the same for first two attempts and at the end, one trap will be removed by the reward will be much lower than you would be expecting.

Skip Waiting Periods Using Special Orbs

You are not only going after the gem once you get inside, you must aim on completing it with highest number of stars possible.

This could be done by picking up the green objects and reaching the totem from the first attempt.

Remember that these gems are your real treasure and you must focus on enhancing it by putting them into the totem and applying certain rituals.

Rituals will consume a certain amount of time and you can always skip the waiting period using ORBS. ORBS are obtainable through three sources:

  • In-App Store
  • King Of Thieves Hack
  • In a very rare number from certain set of levels

Set up traps to make it harder for other thieves to steal your gem after putting a lot of hard work into it. This should become your main focal point.

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