let’s be recruited as a kingsman agent, you will need to pass your training to prove that you are a real kingsman agent, play as many characters and save the world from the threats of lurks in the new game by NHN pixel cube kingsman the golden circle, the game is defined as puzzle game and available to both android and IOS devices, the game is based on the movie kingsman the golden circle, but with little differences, in the game you have to solve puzzles to make progress in movement and many other things through the game and without solving the puzzle right the character won’t move, so to enjoy the game you have to think quick and solve the puzzles quickly to make the character don’t stop, so let’s talk about kingsman the golden circle tips and what is in the game and how to use kingsman the golden circle hack.

Two in One!

The game is not just a puzzle game; you will play with the characters also as you will choose which target they will attack first and the type of attack, and interact with the game, and the more you score the more coins and rewards you will get, and you can use them to get items and upgrade your character, or you can use kingsman the golden circle cheats and enjoy the game with maximum coins and abilities to all of the characters for free and without any external purchases.




The design was not very good but for a puzzle game it’s enough but it could have been better, the design of characters and their movement is not in 3D but you can recognize the characters, but in the pictures of them they are designed in 3D, so they could have made all of the game into 3D, the effects were quite good in the game as you will see the special attacks happens when you make the comb in the puzzle and the effect of getting hit is close to reality not like other games.

The design of the game is not just with one puzzle per level, but it’s designed to be many mini puzzles as it will be boring to finish one big puzzle then just sit down and watch a movie of a character hitting others.

Simple Screen.

As you play the game you will find that the screen is very simple and the commands are simple at the top you will see the character and enemies and in the middle will be his stamina and special moves and at the lower part is the puzzle and number of moves, in the puzzle you just move the colored bullets to their similar color and tab the target if there are many targets in front of your character but be careful as you have limited moves in the puzzle and if they are done without killing the targets you will get killed, but if you don’t want this you can use kingsman the golden circle cheats and enjoy the game with maximum health and coins.

Kingsman the golden circle hack:

As every game contains coins and gems and powers you can use kingsman the golden circle hack and enjoy the game without ads or getting out of coins, the hack will give you unlimited amount of coins and gems, and it will give you also all the rewards and special items without playing a lot of time to get them, also you will be able to make all the upgrades for free without any external or internal purchases, and won’t make you wait levels to get what it wanted to make an upgrade or to unlock a character, this hack is 100% safe and free and it doesn’t need rooted device or jailbraked one and won’t affect your device performance in the game or outside it.



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