If you are a smart chef whom is looking for a new challenge always and want to put his brain skills under a hardcore test then you should be entering this challenge of finding the lost 30 culinary saga and find the words by increasing your own vocabularies, sometimes the game will start to get harder at some points so the usage of hints is a must and the game doesn’t provide you with the necessary amount that is where the Letter Soup Cafe cheats role shines, this is going to be your main source of any number of hints for free.

The game was created and developed by “Candrywriter, LLC” company and you can download it on Android or IOS devices.

Welcome to The Soup Restaurant!

Welcome to Letter Soup Café, you are about to be served a piping hot bowl of letter soup!

Make words with the letters in your soup, your mission in the game is simply swiping a letter with another letter given in a soup dish in order to form a word that can be used or read correctly.

This process can be down by using your finger and connecting the letters together and once you thing you have actually reached the desired goal just release your hands from the mobile from the device and let the game decide whether it is right or wrong.


You will be given 3 letters at the first stages of the game and you are supposed to form 2 words, one is consisting out of 3 letters and the other from 2 letters but the game will get harder and harder as you proceed in the game, but for now make sure you are reading our Letter Soup Cafe guide that would add many words in your head to give you a head boost at the early stages of the game comparing with any new player you should become superior to him.

Game Instructions.

Complete the level by building all the required words, not all words are required on each level! Solve words marked with stars to earn a hint bonus and that is something you shouldn’t ever be ignoring; you can also find more Letter Soup Cafe tips about the game over here.

Use the stir button to rearrange the letters in your soup for a fresh look that could help out with finding a solution.

Earn Experience Points and Improve Your Title as You Proceed in The Game.

If the given letters are super hard and cannot be solved, you can simply press on the Skip option located at the right side of the screen, and remember also that every mission you completing successfully you will be awarded experience points that shall be raising up your level and would be also raising your title at the restaurant itself.

The first tile you will be getting at the game is going to be the dish washer as it is the lowest level at the kitchen of any restaurant, so keep working hard to climb your way up until you become the main chef of the whole place, use the Letter Soup Cafe cheats which will be giving you the hints you want at the right time without any restrictions.

You Can Get Them Hints as Many as You Want by Using Letter Soup Cafe Hack!

And here we shall be explaining how the hints work exactly in the game and its importance to you in the different stages of the game, once you are stuck and do not know how to solve the given letters to form a word, just head directly to the hints sections located at the left side of the screen and it shall show you a highlighted solution for the given letters. You can get them hints by watching advertisement videos and this solution will grant you only a single hint per video and not consistent, so we would be recommending to obtain the Letter Soup Cafe hack in order to have any number of hints you want for free.



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