A card game that is coming packed up with an extra magical challenge. The rules will be clarified at the beginning of the game and it would be your turn to step into the challenge and pick the right tactics with the right hero. You may get the help you need from the Look, Your Loot cheats for free!

Look, Your Loot was created and published by “Dragosha” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on almost any Android or IOS platform. Thanks to its low graphics quality.

Quick Introduction.

The main menu is consisting of five main features. That is coming back to the simplicity of the design and how it is a user friendly game. Forget all the complications you have been going through on the past games.

Read the following Look, Your Loot guide to its end to make sure that everything is well written on its point and you are actually achieving something. Enter the leaderboards section to check how your ranking is going and to know if you are still competing with the top players or not.

The ranking system is very balanced and based on how your skill level is. So we are planning to go with more in depth through the advanced instructions to make sure that your name is written on the top of this table. On the next segment, we will be talking more about the remaining features of the game.

Keep Track of Your Achievements.

A very decent achievement system has been implemented. Usually any achievement system we get to see in a game is created to keep the players motivated and get stuck with the game for longer periods.

So follow our Look, Your Loot tips to make sure that you are accomplishing all of these achievements and claiming the rewards. Once you accomplish them entirely, there will be always new ones added frequently to the list. And that is how the system is working and keeping you motivated for longer periods.



Choose Your Hero Wisely.

There are tons of characters available to play with, but we will be starting with the first character. Mr. Mouse the knight. He is going to become your first hero. Beating 10 health points on start, he enjoys his special ability of the master of shield. If an enemy card is weaker than the power of a shield, the shield wastes only 1 point.

I guess by reading the previous part, you started to feel that the game is very complicated. And we would assure you that the Look, Your Loot cheats would be taking care of the hard parts in the game so far

Purchase Boosters to Boost Up Your Progressing Speed.

Enter the booster store to be able to purchase boosters to help you out through the journey. Each booster is active within one dungeon only. Tap the booster to read its description. Some of these boosters will be removing ads and make on booster for free as well.

Mostly the boosters will not come for free, so there are several ways to be able to put your hands over any of them. First, start with the Look, Your Loot hack and cover up your needs of gold coins so far. The second method will be clarified later next.

Interesting Challenges Waiting for You in These Dungeons!

Completing missions and moving through the flow that the game has managed to put so far is the ideal solution for you to cover up the cost of the boosters.

Most of the dungeons will be infested with monsters. And you can see the power level of each dungeon by taking a deeper look over the card power.

Tap any card next to the hero to be able to explore dungeons, defeat enemies and get your loot back. If you are a user of Look, Your Loot hack, then going through the hardest dungeons should never be a problem to you so far.

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