A Strategic RPG with the ability to collect heroes from every corner and start putting your fate on the dice to determine the winner eventually. These are the main parts of the gameplay, and things will start getting more exciting as you progress forward. Using the Lord of Dice cheats at the right beginning could be a good idea. Learn more in this regard by scrolling down.

Lord of Dice was created and published by “Kakao Games Corp.” company and it is available to be downloaded and played through almost any Android or IOS platform.

The graphics quality are good and will show you good signs of how neat and stable the game is going to be. However, it will be consuming a bigger space on your device due to higher visuals and effects. If you have encountered any issue whilst loading the game, then report it to the technical support and if your problem is running out of funds, then Lord of Dice hack shall solve it right away.

Choose One Hero To Begin With.

Begin the journey to start the journey and to go through the different paths. The unavailable masters will get unlocked as soon as you reach certain points of the game. That is what we will be talking about as we advance through Lord of Dice guide.

Arthur: he launches a powerful sword energy to the front seven tiles.

Armeria: launches fire pillars to 12 tiles around you in the shape of a cross.

These two main heroes available for you to begin the journey with, of course it is clear that Arthur is the male and Armeria is the female.

Various Attacking Styles Available.

You are about to start the tutorial. If you skipped, the tutorial you will not be able to access it again. In addition, nothing is much more important than the attacking moves.There are six types of move attacks. Try different dicers with a strategy.

Charge points are earned every turn, except used cards! The six types of attacks are shown in a simple picture to let you know the difference apparently, it is not that detailed but we will get to the details later on. Follow our Lord of Dice tips to ensure a success story.




In lord of dice, you play the game using six dicers. Select a dicer from the bottom list on the screen to make a move. You can make a move based on the dicer’s move value.

Each dicer is having its own attributes and powers. For example, the mirror shield dicer will add 10% damage and reflects 30% of sniper attacks back at the enemy…

Drag the dicer to move around. The arrival point is indicated with the blue arrow.

Understand Your Dicers.

Each dicer will add a unique skill to your hero, it is your mission to discover their powers or give yourself the time and start reading this review to learn more about them.

Only the dicer you use will activate its skills, think twice before you use them! Alternatively, take your cautions with the help of Lord of Dice cheats service.

As soon as you spot out monsters, you must use the right dicers in order to get rid of them; this is not going to be an easy task at all. If you have encountered a strong monster, then you will need something more than luck.

Attacking Types.

Each dicer in the game is equipped with one of six move attacks.

  • Melee attacks: they are recommended when you want to deal huge damage to an enemy in your way. It stops your move and attacks when encountering an enemy!
  • Sniper: Recommended when you want to deal damage to an enemy that is 4-5 tiles away. Attack an enemy within your range and then continue moving towards your goal. In addition, it could become very lethal if you have used the Lord of Dice hack correctly.

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