Earn Extra Resources Once You Start Using the Love You to Bits Cheats for Free!

Enter a journey with Kosmo to explore the outer space and search for your own robotic girlfriend after the latest accident that has happened and shattered your girlfriend to pieces all over the space, experience a thrilling love story that is suitable for all the players ages, and get yourself equipped with the Love You to Bits cheats before you taking off on your mission to provide you with the necessary resources.

The game was created and published by “Alike Studio” company and you can start downloading it on your IOS or Android device right away.

The Search for Nova!

The opening scenes is about a young boy picking up a flower and moving towards his girlfriend to award it to her as a symbol of his love to her, the last scene is about them kissing and then the real game will start with the Love You to Bits logo.

Remember that you need to react quickly as the place your home is under some sort of attack and place is getting teared down, find the key to open the door of your room and proceed into the next stage.

Hop into Your First Mission.

Select your own destination that you wish to start the game once you press on the play button, you can be also checking your progression and see how close you are from reaching the end of the story.

Here in the Love You to Bits guide we will be taking a dive into the details of the missions to let you have a previous experience of what is coming up next at you.

Start your first mission in your own room with the words of Nova loving Cosmo all over the place, try to interact with everything around you as you do not know exactly where the solution is, but do not worry we will never be leaving you without any help as our free service of Love You to Bits tips would guide you through the different missions.

Get into The Reality.

But all what we have mentioned earlier was a flashback to the famous accident that took your girlfriend away from you, and now you are back to the planet earth and your journey will start there from the ruins, pick up a stick and go down the stairs to the stink as you will pull up a skeleton body that you would pick up necklace located around its neck, and now go to the other sewer and pick up a young doll, remember that each item you will be picking up, will be added automatically to your items list that you can access it from the right side of the screen, and do not forget the importance of the Love You To Bits cheats to your mission since it will be giving you all the resources you want in any form.

Know Your Mission.

And now you would be realizing by time that your goal is to fill up the one eyed monster that is located in the middle of the stage, once you are done with the mission use the portal opener and exit the mission to proceed to the next one with a new challenge waiting for you.

Get Them Resources and Save Yourself a Lot of Time by Having the Love You to Bits Hack.

The game is full puzzles and mysterious problems to solve out it could be taking a lot of time from you if you are playing the game without any extra help that is why it is totally a wise move to obtain the services from Love You to Bits hack so you could be saving your time and effort on the way of passing a mission.

After completing each mission, you will be receiving a brief report about how fast you were and how close you were from perfection, make sure you are connected to the intent connection form while to while in order to check for latest updates and download the extra levels.


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