The game is still in the beta phase and the real lunch is expected to happen in the upcoming few days. Take part in the beta to understand the game mechanism and learn how everything is working before anyone else.

The story is taking place in a unique world and everything is nowhere close to the reality. Therefore, we are simply experiencing a new type of challenges and once you use the MappleStory M cheats, you will be able to afford purchasing whatever you want.

MappleStory M was created and published by “NEXON Company” and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

This game was originally released in the Korean markets and there was no English for it in the past months, but here we are with the latest English version and it has all the necessary updates as well. Unbelievably, this game only requires an android version 4.2 to get it started.

If you were looking to have a smooth experience that is free from lag, then we would recommend you to use a device that has been released in the recent years. Learn more about the gameplay and the related components on the next segments.

Quick Intro.

At the beginning of the game, there is no need to panic or start tapping right away on any corner. The ads are completelytiresome, later at our MappleStory M guide we will be illustrating a simple method to remove these ads for good.

The game requires an active and stable internet connection; it must be reliable to be able to play the game without any loss of connections. Choose a server that has been newly created and does not contain much number of players.

Each server will have its own indicator of how the signal is strong or weak… select the server that is strong enough, as it will boost up your performance by miles.

Your inventory can store up 100 items. If you run out of room, you can spend crystals to expand your inventory. However, of course, if you have followed our MappleStory M tips so far. We are sure that you will have what it takes to expand the inventory to much larger spaces free.

Everything in such a game is obtainable with money and that is making it a much worse game than we have expected.



Starting Instructions to Create the First Hero.

Creating your character is so simple and there are no complications to go through, actually you are allowed to create up to six different characters and each new slot will be unlocked by spending diamonds or using MappleStory M cheats.

We have decided to give our readers a complete preview over the available classes and mention their pros and cons in a list.

  • Explorer: After the six heroes sealed away, the black mage disappeared without a trace. Maple world was left without champions and that is where you come in. as an explorer, you will work with a group of like-minded adventurers who use their diverse skills and personalities to maintain peace in maple world…
  • Dark Knight: everybody knows that warriors are super strong and chocks full of hp, but have you heard about their skills? With a few advanced techniques powering up their already devastating blows. These explorers go from intimidating to downright terrifying enemies so beware! They use the spear as a weapon.

This is not the end of the available classes list, we will continue on the upcoming parts as well.

Customize Your Looks Freely.

The character creation process is not only about picking up the class you see that is fitting it, it is more like taking the game into a completely new depth of the available outfits and exactly they look like. The skin, face, hair, hair color all of these can be customized freely.

If you are sick from customizing the character and want to get something that is already ready to be claimed. Then hitting the random button would do it for you and create a character out of nowhere to be ready for battle.

Now, we are back with the MappleStory M cheats service that will enhance any class you are picking. First, we shall continue the remaining classes in the game.

  • Bow Master: masters of the bow and arrow who deliver powerful attacks from afar! Nobody shoots like an archer. Unlike many of their companions, these explorers stay out of the fray and snipe their enemies from afar. As they grow and gain access to new skills. Archers become even more versatile on the battlefield, able to both pick off enemies one by one and lay down suppressive fire on larger groups.
  • Night Lord: mysterious explorers who are as agile as they are edgy! These sneaky explorers launch surprise attacks on their enemies, and then disappear into the shadows without a trace. They may not be able to take as much as some of their fellow Cygnus Knights, but they sure can dish it out. If you manage to get MappleStory M hack into the service, then we believe they will be able to take as much damage as anyone else.



How to Enhance Your Hero?

We are now left with only two classes remaining on the list, they are considered the most picked ones in all time. However, before we start getting deeper into their main pros and cons, we have to remind you as a user that the MappleStory M cheats is smoothing you have to use in order to expand your grip over the gameplay features in general.

  • Bishop: skilled magicians who control crazy powerful explosive spells! Studious magicians who spend their whole lives with their noses buried in the book. They cannot take much of a beating, but their arsenal of elemental spells and enchantments makes them a great addition to any party. Get MappleStory M hack, to unlock the strongest weapons available on the realm.
  • Corsair: thrill seekers who sail the rough seas in search of adventure. The pirates sailed to maple world aboard the nautilus in search of adventure and glory. With their explosive firearms and cunning skills, these explorers rain destruction on their foes from afar.

Gameplay + General Instructions.

Using a taxi to quickly move from town to town is such a smart move if you ask me…and that is going to take us into the gameplay and how to interact with the different controlling buttons.

Mai is waiting at the top of the hill, climb the rope to get to mai and start your first ever conversation at the game so far. In addition, with MappleStory M hack, we are sure that your experience and challenge will be good enough.

Move in the various 2D world using the movement pad located on the bottom left corner. In addition, you can start a quest by tapping NPCS with a light bulb icon over their head. After the quest is finished, get your rewards from NPCS with a book icon over their head. I guess, you will not be in a very need to the rewards from these quests, as you will be using MappleStory M hack.

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