Discover dragon legends, enchantment, journeys, and a mystery place that is known for amusement and puzzle in the realm of Merge Dragons! where you can join everything into better and better things by coordinating!

In a supernatural world covered up among the mists, the vale of Dragonia thrived. At that point abhorrent Zomblins cast a void over the vale. The main want to recuperate the land rests in YOUR supernatural energy to MATCH ANYTHING – winged serpent eggs, trees, treasures, stars, otherworldly blossoms, and even legendary animals.

Match eggs to incubate accommodating mythical beasts, at that point develop them to find all the more intense winged serpents! Make sense of testing riddle levels: coordinate the Gaia statues to win, at that point take remunerates back to your Camp to gather and develop.

What will you find as you coordinate your camp to flawlessness and support your mythical serpents?

Consolidation DRAGONS! Elements:

== Match Objects ==

• Discover more than 500 incredible items to coordinate and communicate with.



• Freely drag questions around the delightful world and match 3 of a kind advance them into better things!

• Match about anything – plants, structures, coins, treasures, fallen stars, enchantment objects, legendary animals, and the sky is the limit from there!

• Match Life Essence and tap it to release energy to recuperate the vale!

• Discover the Gaia statues stuck in each level’s reviled arrive. Match them to understand the bewilder and make life!

== Collect New Dragon Breeds ==

• Discover 17 mythical beast breeds who live in the vale, and advance them through 8 development stages for new monsters!

• Match eggs to bring forth accommodating winged serpents who will meander the vale and gather objects for you to utilize or coordinate.

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