Welcome to Merge Magic Cheats And Hack. By tapping accept you agree to Zynga’s terms of service and acknowledge Zynga’s privacy policy applies, this is going to be the first message you are encountering at the start of the game. It is considered to be one of the greatest products of “Gram Games Limited” company, as they have put everything they had into it, including time, effort, money and marketing. Gameplay is based on merging up eggs together to hatch magical creatures then keep on breeding them in order to discover new mysterious creatures. There more than 500 mysterious objects to match and the idea of using your brain to create new and intelligent creatures is fascinating itself. You can learn more about gameplay contents on the next segments…

How To Play?

After you agree to the game contents including terms & conditions, the time will come to agree to the advertising system inside. They are letting you know that you must be +18 years old in order to receive personalized advertising from Zynga. However, tapping on the quest mark should take you through your first challenge. Someone is trapped inside these statues and you must figure out a way to free him up.

Drag them next to each other to merge them and free the magical creature. Her name is Nixie and evil witches trapped her in the stone.

Merge Magic Hack System Explained

  • Coins And Wood Without Limits
  • Doesn’t require any fees
  • Compatible with all of android and IOS versions
  • Skip waiting periods and watch magic happens instantly
  • Climb the leaderboard ladder and settle on the top as the king!

Save The Land!

The evil witches have managed to scare everyone away and curse the land. You are their last hope, will you save their world? You need to find EGGS to start this hard challenge. This is a new level with different situations and should receive the rewards for completing the first task. Remember, magic scrolls will be located in levels to help you with new information.



General instructions

Tap on every magical scroll you see in order to learn about the game more and the current mission. For example: you can freely drag objects around the land.

Complete Levels

Levels are tied with your performance and the changes applied to the blessed tree. You must make sure that you have made a level 3 blessed tree to complete it.

Dragging System Explained

Dragging objects from one location to another should be done in order to merge them together. So your main focus should be placed on lining up 3 of the same kind in order to make a successful merge process. Every merge turns into a better object, so it is no chance that you would skip merging objects together for another better plan.

How to Win?

You win a level when you have created a specific object. This star button on the top left corner will show you what to create. Merge things until you win. And in the second mission we are supposed to create young fruit bush. However, getting it done is not a big deal and will not require a lot of work from you. Just make sure you are matching three of each kind until you have no matches left. Moving next to the mythical idols…they are broken at the moment from the witches attack. You can win any level that has mythical idols by merging them.

Lift The Curse

Lifting the witches curse could be done by merging all the mythical idols in the realm. However, you cannot move anything on cursed land, it will be highlighted in grey color. Merge any kind of blessed tree or blessed sprout to lift the curse on the land. It is a temporary state and should not last for long as you proceed towards your goal.

Your need for Wood logs and gems will increase as you advance forward, and they are obtainable by completing missions or getting them completely for free with Merge Magic Cheats service.

The Importance of Merge Magic Hack Resources

  • Wood is playing a vital factor and you should know how to get it and where to spend it
  • Harvest from enchanted word, purchase from the shop at garden
  • Build woodsheds to hold more wood and increase your storage
  • Build tree houses to have a better gaming experience
  • Build coin storages and woodsheds
  • Coins are important as much as gems and they can be obtained from the shop garden as well
  • Purchase EGGS at garden and build houses & more
  • It is 100% safe and will flood up the account with all necessary numbers of gems or coins

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