As the ocean is speaking and calling for you, prepare yourself to create one of the most outstanding islands on the entire Pacific Ocean. Walk through the events of the famous Disney movie with all of its details, and get our Moana Island Life hack, cheats, tips and guide in order to cover up all your expenses inside.

Moana Island Life was created and published by one of the biggest gaming companies in the world “Disney” and it is available to be downloaded and played freely almost on any Android or IOS platform.

Wake Up!

Time to wake up! There is so much to do and the early bird gets the worm! Right, pea? And now the first mission shall begin as you will have to get a rope in order to get Helheim down from this high point. Since this game is trying to put you deeper into the action, you are advised to collect 6 palm leaves in order to make a rope, so the best location to find these palm leaves is by heading right to the farm and harvest the crops.

Each plant on the farm will give you 2 of its kind at harvest, and there will be also experience points coming right to your account, these experience points will help you with advancing from one level to another and that is such a fascinating feature because at the higher levels there will be more new features getting unlocked and that will increase the fun levels in return no doubt.

Farming Is Playing a Vital Role Here.

Do not forget to plant the palms back once you harvest them, because you do not want to waste the time and the empty space at the farm.

Collecting the right amount of resources will simply allow you to craft whatever you want, and the best place to do such a thing is the braider`s hut.

Each item will consume a certain period of time in order to be produced, but with the right materials you will be able to speed up the process but you cannot do that so frequent as the cost is very high, but later on here we will be trying to give you some right methods to increase your income.



Act Like a Leader!

Your main goal in the game now should be restoring the village trading hut to start accepting trade requests from the villagers, so you should be working on improving it and make it a better version than the previous one.

At the village trading hut, you can find the requests materials for the villagers, so your main goal is to work hard on providing the necessary items such as palm leaves and many other resoruces will be requests, and to keep you motivated the reward section shall appear even before completing the missions far.

Several Tricks to keep You On the Track.

To fasten up the progress phase of yours, you should consider in your mind to increase the farming plots, this will simply allow you to plant more plants at the same time and that is a fascinating idea.

But there will be a limit over the number of plots, as you advance further in the level, there will be an extra option to get more farm plots into the gameplay.

Always try to place them in a fashion and organized way, you need to use the given space as much as possible, without any waste to be mentioned.

Increase Your Income Sources.

Try to always spread out all your income sources, as you should not be only depending on farming plants you can also start placing nets in the sea in order to catch out fish as this is considered the main food dish on this island.

Start constructing fishing file by the shores as a beginning, and right from tis facility, you will be able to get the necessary tools for fishing, but let’s not forget to mention that with our Moana Island Life hack, cheats, tips and guide. You will be getting everything for free.



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