Exploring new galaxies and jumping from one planet to another is the idea behind the gameplay. Of course, there are tons of features waiting for you up there and we are planning to cover them all entirely in this review.

You have to understand that such games are relying mainly on paying money to get new missions and planets unlocked. So we are recommending you to use Morphite cheats service and put your hands over the fully unlocked version of the game totally for free.

Morphite was created and published by “Crescent Moon Games” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

Game requires Android 4.4 and up to run it. The graphics quality is fairly good and we did not encounter any stuttering or delays on the mid-range device that we have used in testing the game. But you have to use a device that was released from 2015 and onwards.


Morphite is rare, extremely rare. Everyone used to talk about it, like it was the most precious thing in the universe. That is one the only memories you have at the moment. Morphite never been available for anyone to touch or see in real life. They were only pictured and drawn by artist, that is due to how rare this thing is.

But let’s put everything behind now and focus more on the gameplay basics. Speaking about the combat training and how to fly a spaceship from one point to another. We will be learning all these in the Morphite guide.

Combat Mechanism.

If you want to live, you must master out all the combat skills that ever existed. Kit cat will be here at your service to teach you exactly the battle mechanism.

Move around by placing your left thumb on the screen. Drag it anywhere to the direction you would love to see the character heading towards. And that is how you are going to move around.

The right side of the screen is mainly for aiming with the weapon and activating special skills and items. It is very important and you can follow our Morphite tips section to learn more about the special skills.



Aim and Shoot!

Some doors will have to see some force from you to get them unlocked. So aim at the highlighted shape and shoot right away. Enhance your shooting power via Morphite cheats.

You have to keep an eye over your ammo. If you ever ran out of ammo during a battlefield, things will not be very promising in my opinion. And now, learn to jump from one point to another and this will help you with getting into higher places as well.

Search for Bio Sans.

The next level of this training is acquiring a scanner. Selling bio scans will help you with purchasing supplies for the shop. And that is when the first exciting mission ever begins. Kit cat will be going down with you help you with the logistics and anything related to this matter.

Open the star’s map and start locating your destination and prepare yourself for a long journey full of challenges and threats. And we do believe that the best way to prepare yourself for such a challenge is by getting the Morphite hack active.

Refuel On the Run.

Some planets will have higher temperature or CO2 numbers which means it will not be safe to land over there. So you have to read the description carefully of each star.

Trading ships will appear randomly in the space, we do believe if you have enough amount of funds from Morphite hack to approach it and start trading. You can find some rare items there which will increase your surviving chances.

You do not buy items from the trade ship only. You can also repair the damaged parts of your ship or maybe even refuel it.

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