This is more than a game; it will actually improve your real life prospects and put you back into the healthy track. You are now in control of improving your general health and see the new levels of being a great person in general; the NEW Again Beauty cheats will unlock the full features of the game and grant you a full access to every corner.

NEW Again Beauty was created and published by “BlackTiger Games” company and it is available to be downloaded and played through the Android and IOS platforms.

As you have already read about the main idea of the gameplay, I guess you will not face any common problem related to running the game smoothly. This means that you are going to experience a game that has the depth and quality in every aspect. Just get the NEW Again Beauty hack into the business and see the magic happens.

General intro.

The game is coming in three different languages, the only common one for was was the English language. However, we have realized that the team behind the translation was pretty much poor in English. Therefore,we did not understand most of the objectives at the tutorial phase. That is why we have rearranged the list at our NEW Again Beauty guide and we are planning to make it much easier to understand.

You are going to go through various parts of the life, starting from seeking after a job and then eating your daily meal. We will describe every action on the next segment.


Keep touching the screen quickly to earn gold coins; this is how the job system is working in this game. In addition, moving now to your meals, you must focus on getting a decent diet to improve your health in general.

Getting your health into the right form is a very difficult task and we are not recommending you to try out useless tools around. Just keep your focus at a certain class and try to follow our NEW Again Beauty tips in this part to reach some decent records.



How to Become More Attractive?

If you are looking to get more attraction from men and trying to seduce them, then getting most fashion ate, cloths will help you a lot in this part. It will come at a great cost but it will pay off later. Cover up your expenses by using the NEW Again Beauty cheats service and worry no more about the cost of anything.

There are several missions in the game to be completed and you must check out frequently on the quest list to know the next move and have a plan for it successfully.

Always Stay in A Good Shape!

Your character will weight around 99kg obesity. However, she is in a good health and you have to use this power to lose weight and reach the perfect shape as fast as possible.

Keep touching the character fast to make money and have the ability to unlock the features at the bottom of the screen. Some of the modes will only become available as you advance up in the missions sequence.

Some people might start to consider this a bad system the game is following, but we prefer it as it will force you to go through all parts of the gameplay.

Unlock The Auto Tapping Feature.

Enter the settings menu to customize the game, but we cannot promise you with many features to play around in there. There is only an option to enable and disable the game sounds, changing the language as we have mentioned earlier and of course the sharing system, which is bad in every prospect.

Keep tapping quickly and try to make as much money as possible until you unlock the auto-tapping feature or simply get the NEW Again Beauty hack and enjoy the variety of golds that will flood up your account.

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