The main gameplay events are taking place in the open space. So everything is advanced and the technology that has been used in the gameplay are far beyond your imagination.

Enjoy the fact paced PVP battles and get your army ready to conquer the galaxy and reserve yourself a spot on the top of the leaderboard. With the Nova Wars cheats your success is guaranteed as it will unlock the full features of the game totally for free. Just click on the link here.

Nova Wars was created and released by “NEXON Company” and this is one of the biggest gaming companies in the world so far. You may pick up your version from the Android or IOS stores accordingly.

Nova Wars minimum requirements are pretty much average. So the game will serve huge number of players. You will need an android version 4.4 and up to run it, of course it may not be so smooth if you are using an old device, but still playable though.

Gameplay and Intro.

A sturdy ground unit wielding double cannons that deal AOE damage in a small area. Easily destroyed by flying units. The Strider, this was the first unit that we have seen in the gameplay. And are planning to do a detailed description to the different units in the game by mentioning their main pros and cons at this Nova Wars guide.

Once you start the game, you will be connected to the war games server, it might take few seconds to initialize the training system. Take a look at the bottom side of the screen as you can find your deck.

The deck is a set of cards, each card will represent the type of units you have at the stock with a label that shows you their summoning cost and their powers as well in numbers. Each card will consume an amount of energy points.

Use Your Energy Points Wisely.

Your energy pints will recharge automatically over the time; you may use some sort of boosters with the Nova Wars cheats. But we would prefer to keep the game clean for the starters in order to enjoy its main features and get deeper into the gameplay peacefully.

Drag in the direction of the arrows to view a different section of the battlefield. The battleground is pretty much big. Your soldiers will automatically start proceeding forward towards the enemy’s base site.

But sometimes the enemy will be concentrating troops on the right sides and having a plane in progress. You should respond accordingly and keep in mind on how to counter them in the next attack.



Advanced Instructions at The Battlefield.

Following our major Nova Wars tips at the battle is something you have to consider if you ever wanted to achieve something unique in the game. Drag a unit into the designated area on the right sides to deploy it. And by this way you will be flanking out the enemies and giving them some real pain.

Add some new advanced units into your squad with the Nova Wars hack service. And remember it is coming for free and only for a limited period of time.

Do not let your energy points full during the battle time. Keep using the energy points by deploying new soldiers into the battle field so frequently.

Follow Your Goals and Deploy Special Units to Achieve It Faster.

Your goal is very clear now, which is destroying the enemy’s HQ and eliminating any units are trying to breach your defenses and stop them from reaching your base. This could be much easier than you are expecting with the upgraded units via Nova Wars hack.

Sometimes the enemies will outnumber and they will be too many. That is when the time will come to use special units and special skills to deploy them beyond your front line. This feature is only available at short times and you cannot abuse using it. Drag the special skills to the desired areas the same way you are doing to deploy new soldiers.

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