They have managed to find a great mixture between the RPG and Shooting games. It will deliver the both experiences to you in a simply small game.

Prepare yourself to face tons of different monsters, and of courses, zombies are included. The intense level is pretty much high in the game and we are going to help you out with the game by providing you with a link that will generate any number of resources you desire. Click on One Gun Stickman cheats link and see magic happens!

One Gun Stickman was created and published by “” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on the Android and IOS platforms.

Worry no more about the graphics and the compatibility, the game will run almost on any device as it is packing a very simple set of graphics and visuals. Just download the game and use the One Gun Stickman hack to have a complete control over the various features in the game. Learn more in this regard down below…

Quick Intro.

Begin the game by choosing the playable langue, there are only two options to choose from but since you are reading this preview now, then you can read and play in the English language successfully.

Reading ourOne Gun Stickman guide will help you with understanding the basics and if you are looking for more advanced instructions, then you can find it down below as well without a doubt. Scroll down to get started.


Tap on the house at the start of the game to upgrade your water gun. It will cost you nothing at the beginning, but later on, everything will come at a cost.

We have created a smart plan to help the players similar to you, to have a knowledge about the fastest methods to get money in the game with the minimum amount of effort to mention.

Following our One Gun Stickman tips could be the right thing to do if you were a beginner, but if you were more an advanced player, then just skip them.



Upgrade Your Physical Powers.

This feature is weird to see in such a small game, we did not expect it to pack it up. You can now upgrade your body physical powers and the attacking damage as well. However, it will get to be very expensive later on.

Do not forget to enable or disable the three main features of the game. Sound, Music and video. We did not like the videos much as they are consuming a lot of time and data. They are cool if you have the time and would love to learn more about the details of the storyline.

Two handling options Available.

The game is coming with two handling options to choose from, the left side is based on the screen buttons and if you move to the right side of the screen, you will notice the navigation bar and its main abilities.

One Gun Stickman cheats should take a part in your gameplay, apart from the controls and the customizations in the game settings. You are going to need gold for everything inside, and paying with your credit card to get gold is something we despise.

Final Verdict.

Connecting your social media accounts with the game is pretty much an important move and it will save you a lot of time and effort in return. Imagine having all your friends playing the game, adding this comptetivty to it, and increasing the fight scale.

The One Gun Stickman hack will also take everything to another level; imagine having the latest upgradable features at the game to its maximum possible level. Getting them to the top and seeing no difference between you and the owner of the game…this might a little bit exaggerating, but it is a reelection of its power.

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