ONE PIECE Bounty Rush was created and published by “BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.” company, and it is available to be downloaded on Android and IOS platforms.

We have a game that will offer you as a player various types of challenges. You can now enter a very exciting four vs four looting challenge, you can also create a pirate crew consisting of your friends of NPC units.

You will need Diamonds from the ONE PIECE Bounty Rush cheats for free, so do not forget that!

Get Started

First of all, you must ensure that your internet connection is strong and stable enough to enjoy the game to its maximum potential.

Pick up a name for your character, it must be unique and you cannot pick any swear words…afterwards; there will be a quick tutorial for the beginners to learn the game. However, by reading our full ONE PIECE Bounty Rush review, you should not be in need for such a thing at all.

East blue is the place where everything will begin. Tap on the barrel repeatedly and that is how your character will come up to life…get ready the journey is long and full of challenges.

Simple and Smart UI!

We will briefly speak about the UI and the main controllers. On the top left corner you can notice that there is a small map while your character is highlighted in blue color. On the bottom corner, you can see your attacking skills.

Upgrading and improving your skills could be done via the ONE PIECE Bounty Rush cheats. In addition, if you ever got bored from the viewing angels, then the camera button on the top right corner is there for you to give you some realistic and interesting angels.

Slide your fingers on the top of the screen and you can see your character moving accordingly. In addition, you can always add new skills to the attacking set from the skills list.



Get Your ONE PIECE Bounty Rush Cheats For the Next Wave!

The attacking enemies will come at you in waveforms. Wave after wave…all of them enemies are trying their best to take you down if possible.

On the other hand, you must be prepared for the challenging part at the end of the task. There will be a strong boss equipped with the latest gears trying to eliminate you.

Learn new attacking skills as you advance up in the levels. In addition, the ONE PIECE Bounty Rush hack will always be there for you to back you up in this journey.

Great Rewards Waiting For You At The End Of Each Boss Fight

Once you face the boss, then you need to be smart. Attacking the surrounding small units first to clear the path towards the boss. And also the health bar of the boss will be shown on the top side of the screen. It is something we are recommending you to put into consideration.

Sometimes it is smart to hit and run…try to unleash one of your strongest skills on the both then run backwards to dodge his incoming attacks.

There are unique attacking skills for the bosses, they will deal much higher damage so you have to react quickly. Getting prepared with ONE PIECE Bounty Rush hack is something you should do.

Time Has Come To Recruit New Members

There are several cool dialogues going between the main characters in the game, we have enjoyed reading them. But we couldn’t find a strong storyline path…

Adding new members to your team is a crucial part. As you have to grow stronger to cope up with the fast paced gameplay events. In addition, the ONE PIECE Bounty Rush hack will allow you to get extra free diamonds, which in turn will make the scouting process for new members much easier and faster.

  • Each new team member will come with his own attributes and special abilities. For example, the first member we got was KOBY the chore boy…he is rated with two stars in terms of overall performance.
  • He is not the best, but still solid enough to provide the expected back up.
  • You can also change the team members before each battle.

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