Enter a new adventures journey of becoming the pirate king of the whole world, start sending invitations to your friends to form allies and strengthen up your powers in order to reach your goals and achieve the highest ranks in the game. The game was created by “BANADI NAMCO Entertainment INC”.

A unique RPG mobile game that has finally landed on the Android and IOS devices lately in its English version to allow as many players as it can to enter the game, also make sure you putting your hands on the amazing One Piece Thousand Storm cheats that will start getting you all them coins you want to improve your powers to reach your goal in order to become the pirate king.

Main Story.

You are entering this new world as young pirate and you will be meeting your guide at the game which actually going to change depending on the homeland you are starting the game at, and we will come back later to the homelands part at our One Piece Thousand Storm guide.


The homelands are the place where your journey exactly will begin, you will get to choose between three offered homelands the first one is called East Blue and it will come with its assistant that will start the journey with you and help you out with many things in the game such as killing monsters and finding the right paths and materials for you, the assistant name is Zorro with green hair and purple shirt, you can find some extra One Piece Thousand Storm tips to explain to you how to react in the different places you entering and know the major problems and dodge them.

A Sequel to The Homelands Part.

The remaining two homelands we will be talking about them right here in briefly. The first one is West blue homeland and it comes with Nami the assistant in the orange hair and yellow shirt, keep in mind that Nami is the main character of the game so you would be having fun with her and enjoy your time.

Second homeland we got here is the North Blue and you will be getting Sanji the assistant with it, Snaji comes with Orange hair and blue shirt. Remember that all the assistant got the same powers and they all are equal to each other, you can use the One Piece Thousand Storm cheats for free in order to receive coins and upgrade your own character and the assistants.

One Piece Thousand Storm Hack Could Simply Unlock New Awesome Features of the Game.

Remember that you will never be able to change the homeland once you enter the game, so choose it wisely and also note that unlocking all the other characters will become an available option, so no worries no matter where you starting the game you are getting them assistants wherever you go, also put your hands on the ultimate One Piece Thousand Storm hack to be able to afford the unlock of them characters or even purchase new skills that we will be moving to them later on this article.

Auto Attack feature.

Once you enter the battle mode, you will be getting to face wave after wave until you reach the end of it and there will be a big boss waiting for you to kill you and stop you from proceeding to the next stage of the game, at the top right side of the screen you can be finding the most entertaining option of the game which is the Auto attack, once you enable it, your mission at the battle will become much easier as all you need to do is to tap on the monsters place and let you hero walk in there and do all the attacking for you, you can start using your special skills from time to time in order to deal much higher damage.


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