Investigating through several crime scenes and tracking down the criminal at the end is such a pleasure and a great reward to crown your efforts. That is the main idea of the gameplay and you can make the experience much better with the Parker & Lane Criminal Justice cheats service. Include it in to have an access to all of the game features free.

Parker & Lane Criminal Justice was created and published by “GameHouse” company and it is available for the Android and IOS platforms to be downloaded and played.

The game is pretty much simple and smart; you will get to experience almost everything you need in an investigation game. The average graphics quality is making the game to become available for wider range of players and that is a very important thing. Adding the Parker & Lane Criminal Justice hack to the equation, and everything will flourish around you.

Quick Intro.

We are creating this Parker & Lane Criminal Justice guide to help the new players to learn the main basics about the game and start their own legacy right from this point.

So begin your game by setting up the basic customization and keep everything right on the track of success. Change the character name if you are interested, otherwise the default name will be left as parker.

Removing all the advertisement is a move you must reconsider from the start, but we will mention later on the ideal methods to be followed in order to achieve it.

Connect Your Social Media.

Choose the login feature to head directly to your Facebook account and link up the game with the account. It will provide you the option to save the game files and keep it away from any threat of losing the entire progression.

Following our Parker & Lane Criminal Justice tips to find the optimal settings in the game is totally recommended. In addition, we have illustrated the most important points above.

Enter the settings menu to decrease or increase the game music and sounds according to your preference and the game is supporting several languages. On the other hand, the game hints can be enabled or disabled according to your skill level.



How to Play?

Crime scenes and police stations are restricted areas. As such, you will need to guide investigators to the place they need to be. It is a very critical move but you might think it is a simple thing and might ignore it.

Once an investigator is in place, a request will be issued right away. Select a tool or evidence to move it to the inventory.

Create compound products or evidence kits by selecting multiple items in a certain order. The product will be finished and moved to your inventory once you are fully enforced the correct sequence. Remove the ads entirely from the game with the Parker & Lane Criminal Justice cheats service and watch the magic happens.

Final Verdict.

To discard an item from the inventory just select it and drop it out. Some products have limited stock and will need to be restocked when they run out.

Some products take a while to prepare. Select the item to start the process and a timer will be displayed. When the timer is in the green area, select it again to pick up the product. Some evidence needs to be warmed before it will reveal its secrets. When finished, the oven will open automatically, but you will need to be ready to collect the evidence quickly. Wait it too long, and your evidence will burn out, leaving it lost for good.

The camera kit contains a digital camera, a flash and a tripod. Agents will request one or more of these, as needed to perform their task. There is only one camera kit at each scene, and investigators will have to wait their turn.

Enrich the experience with the Parker & Lane Criminal Justice hack, get any number of diamonds, and remove the ads for good.

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