A very interesting endless running game, that will be taking through several worlds and ancient locations to discover and run through. Make sure that you are dodging the silly obstacles and putting your 100% concertation on the running track. You can always use our Power Hover Cruise hack, cheats, tips and guide in order to get new characters and locations unlocked instantly, and this will also save you a lot of time and effort.

Power Hover Cruise was created and published by “Oddrok Oy” company and it is available to be downloaded and played freely on almost any Android or IOS platform.


A very interesting game, it is packed up with very simple graphics but yet you will be enjoying the colors and effects during the playing phase.

Prepare yourself to hover through dark caves and ancient temples, and for the controls they are very simple and would require almost no effort in order to cover it up. Tap on the both sides of the screen in order to change your direction, and since this is a running based game, so you do not have many options available except dodging the obstacles and you will be good to go.

You can always see the score counter located on the top left corner, and there will be also a timer over there. And on the right opposite side, you can notice the pause button, which will simply take you back to the main menu or access to the game options which are very simple.

I guess at this point, you are fully aware of the gameplay and the difference this game is trying to bring to the table, that is why we will move forward to speak more about the pros and cons of each part and feature over here.



Very Innovative Viewing Angels.

We have enjoyed playing it so much, and let me tell you why. First thing that we have seen is the smart UI, by smart UI we meant that the game will change the viewing angels depending on the situation, it is very dynamic which enriches the experience and makes you get hooked up right into the events.

While you are hovering in the starting cave, there will be speed increment spots, once you hover over them, you can notice a huge change the speed also you will fly in the air for few seconds, and that is when the camera will start to impress you with how good is it.

There is an option to link the game with either the twitter or the Facebook accounts, and that is going to become our main topic in the next segment.

Share Your Progress Through Social Media Accounts.

Now, you can simply connect the game with the social media accounts, and this will enable some cool features for you. Such as sharing the game progression and brag about what you have achieved so far, and on the other hand, you can always send invitations to your friends so they would join the game with you and increase the challenge levels.

Last but not least is the idea of having the game saves stored in safe location away from any possible threat or data loss.

Move From One Stage To Another To Unlock New Items.

There is not a clear missioning system that the game is following over here, so you are simply playing an endless game but there are stages and phases will be changing depending on how far you have reached so far.

As you move from one phase to another, there will be an item coming to your inventory as a reward. The items here are mainly new hover boards, but you have to play more to unlock everything. Also the new playing locations could be unlocked with the help of our ultimate Power Hover Cruise hack, cheats, tips and guide for free. This is simply going to make every location available to play in without meeting the minimum requirements to get it ready.



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