It is the perfect choice to kill your time, this is far away from being a game that you would be playing it regularly to track a certain storyline. We are recommending it for the ones whom are interested in easy combat system and also a great upgrading section to spend time on. Cover your expenses via the Quickie Quests cheats for free right now!

Quickie Quests was created and published by “9130game” company and it is available on Android and IOS stores.

Quick Intro.

Select a server that is suitable for you, and how to know that the server is suitable? This is going to become our first topic to discuss in the Quickie Quests guide.

There are several reasons to know whether the server is going to fit you right or not. Firs thing the region that the server is located in. You must select one that is close as much as possible to you, this will reduce the latency and make the gaming experience much smoother.

The second thing to put into consideration is the creation date. Always seek the newly created servers to have a better chance to compete with the other players and challenge them to the top of the ranking tables. That would be so much easier with the Quickie Quests cheats service, later on here we will describe exactly how it works and how to benefit the most out of it.

Two Unique Characters Available to Choose from.

There would be nothing better to start the review here with than the characters and giving our readers a quick look over their pros and cons. Follow our Quickie Quests tips below for maximum benefit.

Knight: Good at melee combat, he owns a unique power and is the strongest warrior of the war. No one cane scape the brutality of his attacks. He believes that his enemies will pay with their blood someday.

Archer: As an optimist, she is always looking on the bright side, even when on the battlefield. She oozes confidence and bravado for no one can outrun her bullets.




Once you are done with selecting the character, the time will come to choose a name that will be permanent on the character and you cannot change it unless you create new one.

We know that it is going to be your first few minutes of the gameplay, but fighting is the mission and that is what the knights are living for. Get yourself prepare with the help from Quickie Quests hack and worry no more about the cost of anything from this point and on.

Thrilling Boss Fights Waiting for You Ahead.

Your mission will be shown at the bar of the screen, right next to your level and the resources stock. The missions will be based on eliminating certain number of enemies. But there will be changes and we are not conspiring them as major changes to be honest.

Activate your special skills wisely, as it will go into the cool down state after you use it. So only the situations requiring it should be used in there.

Once you complete eliminating the regular monsters, there will be a big challenge waiting for you by the end. Fight the boss and show him who is the boss here from now on!

Upgrade Your Character Regularly to Keep Up with The Intense Fights.

Boss fights are usually thrilling will consider higher concentration from you. And the rewards as well are pretty much good, of course they are nothing when compared with the powers of Quickie Quests hack, but still something you should put into consideration.

You are not controlling anything happening on the screen except the special skills usage timing. Most of the time will be spent on the upgrading sections and tracking the quests to know close are you from completing them.

Try to keep an eye over your health bar, so you may take the right actions to keep your hero alive for longer periods.

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