take the responsibility of saving six planets in the galaxy from being destroyed and extinct, this is such a hard mission that will require a lot of work from you and training over the day and night. Enjoy the new types of battles and the old arcade playing style that we have used to find in the old games which were created originally by SEGA, play for free and without having the need to be connected to the internet, so this is an everyday everywhere game. Complete the fun and use our Ristar hack, cheats, tips and guide in order to enjoy the full features of the game.

Ristar was created and released by the “SEGA” company and it is well known for its huge investment in the gaming industry, so you should be expecting to play one of the highest anticipated games in this year so far. It is available to be downloaded and played freely almost on any device that is running any version of Android or IOS software system, it`s requirements are very low which is making it available for wider area of players.

Quick Intro to The Game Features.

Before we dive deeper into the gameplay and start our regular journey of explaining the features and provide our readers with the optimal way to success, right now we will simply walkthrough the basics of the game at the start so far.

Once you open the game there will be a quick prompt window appearing right in front asking you to send notifications about the latest changes and updates happening inside the game, usually we just deny such a feature because we do not want to be bothered with the game changes even without playing the game. If you are addicted to the game and would love to keep yourself with the latest changes and updates, then it would be a good idea to allow the notifications to pop up.

Moving next to the “SEGA forever” feature which gives you two options to choose from, either to play the game with advertisement and only a single way to save your progress which is the cloud saving that requires internet connection, and this is what they call the free version.

On the other hand, you can see the paid version, it will get rid of the advertisements forever and allow you to save your progress on the device which is known by local save or enjoy the cloud saving feature, but with our Ristar hack, cheats, tips and guide. You will never be in need to pay a single penny for the features as we are promising to give them all to you for free.



Fun Controlling System That Brings Back Old Memories.

Speaking about the controls and customization, we all know that SEGA games are not very fancy in this departure, but we have to go through it anyway. Right there you will get the control over restoring the purchases that you have made. Change the music by turning it on or off depending on your preference, and the last part is the filter, you can choose between the classic or the smooth filter.

At the last part we got here is the controls, you simply customize the way you want no matter where you want them to be, we are speaking about a complete freedom. Change the location of the movement pad by dragging it around, and the same is being applying to the interaction buttons, which we will be speaking more about it later on here.

SEGA didn’t want to remove one of its signature looks, as it has added the modern UI and still the well-known ARCADE style with the red colored buttons that looks exactly like the video games that we have used to play with back in days.

And in any case, if you have encountered any issue whilst playing the game, feel free to send the developers a message with your report right away.

Optimal Solution for The Ads.

The ads are very annoying, they are actually way too many we didn’t expect the game to be that ugly with the ads but that what just happened, so we have to mention once more that our Ristar hack, cheats, tips and guide will simply allow you to enjoy the full features of the game and remove the ads entirely as it shall not come back anymore.

Tap over the start button to begin the game, as you will be introduced to the game story with quick cinematic pictures and you can read the lyrics appearing on the screen, but if you are having a trouble to understand the storyline due to the weird Colors on the background, then you can find the full story written over here.

Press the start button which could be found on the right corner as the “A” button, once you activate it out, you will be transferred into a whole new world.



Try to Always Save the Game at Your Latest Point Before Closing the Game.

During the playing phase you can pause and save the game at any moment, no matter where you are exactly, the saving option will always be available, but as we have mentioned earlier. You have to be connected to the internet or getting the pro version that we have been speaking about earlier.

One of the funny features that we have found at the pause menu, is the ability to share your progress at the current point through your Facebook account, this is a decent way to brag about your scores and maybe even send invitations out to your friends over there so they could join the fun with you and share the experience together.

We have promised our readers that we will be speaking more about the gameplay in depth and give you full idea about the controlling buttons on the right corner and how to use them. The C button is available for you to jump higher, sometimes you have to jump at the right moment in order to go from one point to another, so always try combining out the movement pad on the left corner and jump with the other button to reach your destination eventually.

General Information and Quick Glimpse Over the Gameplay.

Continuing the controlling part, there are only two buttons remaining, the A and B. B is for grabbing out into objects, this is actually going to become your favorite action button as you will be doing some interesting moves in the air through different directions.

Always keep an eye over the score counter on the top left corner, it will be showing you how close are you getting from completing the mission, but to be fair. Actually the game is not based over a certain line that you have to eventually reach. This is more like an endless gaming system. And with our Ristar hack, cheats, tips and guide we are pretty sure that you will be enjoying the game and facing no obstacles that cannot be solved.

There is also a stars rating system implemented on the top right corner, and this is an indicator of the lives that you have left, so always try to keep it at its maximum potential amount, because if you eventually run out of them entirely, then you would be in a bad trouble.


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