A big game that is based on the famous game we used to play in our child hood which is the rocker, paper and scissor, and once you win a match you will be proceeding to the next stage and get queued for another challenge and the longer you proceed and get further the closer you are getting of becoming the greatest player ever existed in the game, use the RPS Knights cheats so you would be covering your expenses in the game and enter much higher rated challenges with bigger bets.

The game was created and developed by “Magic Cube” company and downloading in your IOS or Android Devices has finally become available and for free as well.

Simple Game Settings.

The game settings are offering you much to edit at the game, as it will only give you the ability of enabling and disabling the game sounds and music in case you wanted to listen to your favorite playlist of music or maybe even play it in silent mode that Is all is coming back to your own choice and has nothing of us to interfere in, we would recommend you to keep reading the RPS Knights guide for more details and information about the game.

Climb The Ladder of the Leaderboards.

You can be finding the leaderboards and achievements system implemented into the game as it will allow you track your records in the game as you are progressing and becoming one of the top rated players all over the world with the help of the RPS Knights cheats, remember that this service will be coming for free without any extra charges applied, learn more RPS Knights tips to know exactly where your resources are going to be spend in the game.

Choose Between Two Awesome Playable Modes.

There are two modes to choose from during your stay in the game, the first one is the challenge mode and the second one is playing offline in the missions and unlock new missions as you complete the ones you are playing but in this RPS Knights guide we will be talking with more details about the game mode.

At the first stage of the game you are given the chance of deploying up to three different heroes and each one has his own powers and abilities, recruiting new ones will be costing you 360 coins as well, but as we have mentioned above, increasing your coin’s stock can simply happen by using the RPS Knights cheats for free.

Combat Mode.

The battle mode in the game is unique as you will be simply entering into stages mode and the unit which win combat moves to eh back of the que and waits for its next turn, it is totally based on the luck and you have got nothing to do with it, but the main thing you can be doing in order to win the combat is by knowing the moves your opponent is going to do and expect it so countering it is the only way to win the battle.

Increase Your Gold Stock by Using The RPS Knights Hack for Free!

Each battle you winning will be getting you to proceed to another stage or quit the game so you choose between whiter playing more or taking the earned gold and save it for later battles, but personally I would keep going and playing the game to reach much further stages as the RPS Knights hack will be providing your account with the needed amount of gold you want without any limits or restrictions applied.

Also as you will be getting to the game play more, check the game speed controller that is located at the top left corner of the screen and the higher number you doing the faster the game animation and movements will be applied, if you draw and no one wins you will be losing as well so you got nothing to do but winning the battle.


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