Enjoying a very intense RPG combined with the right gameplay and graphics quality. Tons of skills and challenges are waiting for you ahead, so the right way to prepare for this challenge is by training and using the Shadowblood cheats. These are the ultimate methods to become invincible in a very short period of time.

Shadowblood was created and released by “UTPlus Interactive Inc.” company and they have managed to make it available to be downloaded for free on any Android or IOS platform.

The requirements to run the game is pretty much stricted, so make sure you are having a decent device as the graphics are considered to be a little bit high, but still the gameplay is very decent due to the developing company. It is a top notch one and well known for its highly rated games.

General Instructions.

Before getting the depth of the gameplay, we have to mention that you have to get an internet connection before stepping into the game, there will be always new patches added so the updates will only be downloaded through the internet. And of course before anything else, this is an online game only. So there is no way to start playing it offline.

In our Shadowblood guide we will be speaking about the version. 1.0.20. So if you have a newer version of the game, we are not responsible for any changes. Feel free to contact us in order to get a newer review version to match our reader’s needs.

Check Frequently for The Latest Events.

You cannot play a character that has been sent on expedition, and I guess you are at this part of the review, not fully aware of what the expedition is. Later on here we will provide you with the necessary information and of course some unique Shadowblood tips for you only.

You may give the opening advertisement a look to know your needs and the latest events added to the game. recently they have added the 7 days’ login event, which will guarantee you free gems and extra rewards for each day you are logging to the game.



Benefit from The Daily Login Event.

Apart of the guaranteed gems from the Shadowblood cheats, you can also receive gems from the daily gem event. It will give you a certain amount of gems for every day you logging to the game. But the amount is fairly low if you ask me.

Meet Freya, your new assistant. She will be helping you out with your missions and your journey to become stronger.

Check your mailbox if you are a beginner. There will be a present for you to help with getting started. You may access the mailbox from the right top corner of the screen. With the envelope icon.

Customize Your Character Freely.

Any item you will be acquiring in the game can be equipped or sold from the inventory. This is because the storage is very limited, but you can expand the inventory through several methods.

First, getting into a special event, or buying upgrades from the store, but the Shadowblood hack will do the same to you and make your inventory as big as never before. We will speak more about the inventory and how it is organized later on. For you as a starter, focus more on equipping the items to begin.

Storyline + Movement and Attacking Techniques.

The rumors have been spreading all over the world, stranger’s creatures started to appear and they are threatening the life. Head directly to the Water elemental as he lives in the frog forest. He should know something about this strange event.

The movement pad is on the lower bottom left corner, on the other side you can see the attacking buttons as well, combined with the special attacks. Change the viewing angels of the character from the top right corner, and you may also pause the game at any moment. Increase your magical damage with the right gears, which would be obtained via Shadowblood hack.

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