Play with the adventurous girl Stella, as she is ready to participate in one of the scariest journeys in the space, move from one point to another seeking an answer to all the weird events happening around you, you will be also gaining some special skills which are unknown to our life, and do not forget to use the Star Tap – Idle Space Clicker hack, cheats, tips and guide as it will be providing you with the necessary resources to apply any upgrade to your ship with no limits and for free of course.

Star Tap – Idle Space Clicker was created by “Inzen Studio” and it is available in the Android and IOS stores.

Gameplay Introduction.

The game begins with giving you a small cinematic video of an alien whom seem to be very heart broken as the love of his life probably has lost the memory and cannot remember him anymore, so he is planning to introduce himself to her without having to read her mind, he is trying hopelessly to make her love him, and that is when the game begins, the girl is in shock and you must show your good intentions out to her, moving right to the gameplay functions from this point.

Looking at the screen as you can see that your next milestone is the moon, and there is an actually space and space folded distance, we will be giving you a quick idea about the difference between both types. This is actually your destination after all but that is very strange as the moon started to glow after the alien has touched it.

Stella is the astronaut girl, her previous star soul is now imbued with a mysterious power, this is actually an advanced ability, that will space fold between celestial bodies in enormous speed.



Learn How to use The New Special Skills.

Now, this is a surprising thing for Stella as she is not familiar with such weird and special powers, so the sensors of the spaceship are calculating wrong numbers, as it says that she will be reaching the moon in 1 hour only and that is a very low period, so let’s see what will happen when we increase the speed, lets read the sensors once more.

Tap on the screen 20 times in a row to increase the speed, but in order to handle such huge increment of the speed, you need to apply upgrade to the shuttle to have stronger boosts, and that will be taking us into the upgrade section.

Improve Your Ship Powers.

Upgrading is a necessary process that you shall take no matter what, and it is playing a vital role in almost every single game that has managed to come out to the light, but of course it doesn’t happen for free, and you have to get the necessary resources that will be needed in order to apply them upgrades, we can recommend you to use our Star Tap – Idle Space Clicker hack, cheats, tips and guide to cover up all your upgrading expenses immediately.

Alternative Ways to increase Your Resoruces.

Also another method to collect the resources is changing the flying system into the economic mode, and once you tap on the screen this will allow you to collect the necessary resources that you need in order to apply any sort of upgrade to the spaceship, level up the shuttle at the start but there will be several parts coming up next that will require an upgrade from you.

We are speaking about the auto pilot system, this will allow the AI to do 10 taps per second, so you are simply securing out two sides, the resoruces and reaching the moon or whatever your destination is.

You will notice that your speed will increase and the estimate arrival time on the moon is decreasing dramatically, also you should be focusing on upgrading the ship from several points of view, as you should be considering to use the drones to collect the resoruces you need for you, without having to delay yourself or put any distraction to your main purpose.


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