If you are a fan of the basketball sports and your dream was to become one of the most famous players all over the globe, then the time has come right at your hands, enter a new challenging multiplayer gaming experience in  a 3 versus 3 players and invite your friends to make teams together and win competing and make your name shining on the top of the gam leaderboards.

in order to reach you goal you might consider using the Streetball Hero cheats to have the right resources needed to upgrade and improve your team players skills and abilities.

The game was created and published by “SeaStar Game” company and you can simply download it on Android or IOS devices.

Game Introduction.

At the opening scene of the game you will get to choose the server you are entering in the game and also you must know that the game requires an active internet connection in order to play it freely and enjoy most of the game features at the game, and also make sure that it is an active connection and stable one for a lag free experience.

The long awaited tournament is about to being. All the top players from all over the world gathered around here to compete on the court and now the game effects are happening in the basketball cut in Brooklyn.

Here are some awesome Streetball Hero tips you need to keep in your mind whilst playing the game, street challenge awards material required for equipment upgrade and evolve.

First mission.

The first mission at the game is between Kigali and Lohan and you will be playing as Kagomi and your mission is to score past luhan, tap on the basket area to perform an attacking move and get closer to the basket to score your first goal once you are at the right position.

Each goal you scoring in the net is counted for your side but it has more effect at your opponent’s morale, so you will be winning as soon as you make your opponent`s morale reaches the zero number.

Follow The Guide to Know How to Score as Many Goals as Possible

And now in the Streetball Hero guide we shall be letting you know what exactly to do in order to stop your opponent from scoring at your basket so here is the ultimate guide for you, when the player is jumping in the air and about to throw the ball out there will be a light signal appearing at the side of the screen, and once it appears there start tapping on it immediately without hesitation to block the shot.

If the ring of the silver spell is not used before it runs out as it will appear only for a limited amount of time, then you will be unable to block the ball and it will go past you so be quickly and fast as possible.

Once The Training is Done, Prepare Yourself for A Real Match!

As soon as the training is over, you will be ready for a real 3 versus 3 street match, but before entering there make sure you are putting your hands on the Streetball Hero cheats to have the right equipment needed to make you win the match easily.

The Streetball Hero Hack Will Enable Your Players to have The Strongest Equipment Available.

Things are much different in the three versus three matches you will have to start passing the ball around to other players in order to get closer to the shooting position, and in order to that your team must be equipped with the strongest gears and equipment, affording that can only happen via the Streetball Hero hack which comes for free.

Simple Controls but Require an Alert Player.

The game controls are simple but they require a skilled player because you have to react fast, swipe up when a player has lightening effect to see the ultimate skill of the player that has the ball, and the player will be entering this ultimate mode with crazy powers and abilities to go past anyone no matter how strong they are.


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